A Walk around Devin Castle

A 10 minute drive from Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava, will take you to one of the best preserved castle ruins in the country. It is the famous Devin Castle or as Slovaks call it Hrad Devin (the word devin is derived from the Slavic word deva which means girl). Why the castle got this name I am not sure, but the most photographed tower within the castle complex is called the Maiden Tower and many legends are told about abducted virgins that killed themselves by jumping from the top of it.

The castle occupies an excellent position for defensive and lookout purposes, standing on a massive rock hill above the confluence of the Danube and Morava at a stone’s throw away from Austria.

History tells us that the area was inhabited as early as the 5th century B.C., 400 years before Celts came to the area. In the 8th century it was a wooden fortification, and a few centuries later it was replaced by a stone fortress. During the Middle Ages it served as as a boundary fortress, military station and a trade centre. It changed owners and they changed its appearance according to their needs. In the 19th century the castle was heavily damaged by Napoleon’s army, and in the 20th it stood at the border between the Eastern Bloc and the West.

Today, visitors to the ruins have an opportunity to see a permanent exhibition on architectural development of the castle from the 11th to 19th century, but I had to skip it since I was in Bratislava just for a day. Nevertheless, I think it was sufficient time for me to “sample” what I liked about Slovakia’s capital and its surroundings.

The last photo in the gallery is showing Devin from a few kilometre distance, from the site that translates as Sandberg which I am planning to show in some of my future posts.



This is my contribution to Jo’s Monday walk. Pay her a visit and see where her tireless feet are taking you today.


Black & White Sunday: One of a kind

Beauties can die, can’t they? This photo is the only thing that I have left of her.



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Say it with a Kiss – “Dialogue”

According to WordPress guest host of this week’s Photo Challenge, dialogue “in photography can be perceived as a consensual interaction between two images. Placed next to each other, each photograph opens up to meanings that weren’t there when viewed alone. Each composition reveals the photographer’s specific sensitivity to certain content or visual elements.”



This is my response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue.




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Thursday’s Special: Makeover

It’s been a while since I showcased one of my porcelain dolls.

Maybe you remember Estella from Dickens’s Great Expectations, the prettly little blond thing that broke Pip’s heart. In my previous posts of Estella I thought that the photos I had taken of her showed her in  a bad light, so I decided to give her a makeover.

Not long ago I purchased a gadget called SpyderCube which is supposed to help you get nicely exposed and nicely colour-balanced photographs in post-processing of raw images. It is a multi-sided contraption which allows special attention to highlights and shadows and contains more features for image control than a gray card or a white balance tool. The trick is to take a photo of the SpyderCube in the same lighting conditions that are used for the subject of your photo, to make necessary adjustment of parameters, to save it as a preset (I use Lightroom, but it may work with other applications as well) and to apply it to the photo of your subject.

I am enclosing my photo of the cube and Estella’s pictures before and after the SpyderCube treatment.




Does she look better? You’ll be the judge.



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devin caslte_maiden tower

This is a castle called Hrad Devin near Bratislava, Slovakia. I will show you more of it in one of my forthcoming posts. The speckles in the image are not the sensor dust, but many insects that saturated the air by the Danube. As a matter of fact, the day I visited Devin will be remembered as the day I first swallowed a live fly.

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