Thursday’s Special: Gold inside (response to guest challenge)

When I got the idea of inviting fellow bloggers to participate on my blog as guest photo challengers I honestly did not believe that I would manage to gather such a group of amazing talented photographers. I am particularly honoured and happy to have Ron participate today with his Gold inside theme. Please have a look at the linked post and show us what “gold inside” means to you.

zute rupe_nove-1_potpis

My response to this challenge is an abstract close-up captured by shooting through holes of a small plastic container for clothes pegs.




Following are the entries from other bloggers: (click on the links above images)

By Art and Life



By Restless Jo


Guest Challenge: Gold Inside



This challenge is all about the search for ´gold´ inside, my focus will be on natural light in interiors.

My interest in photos of decay and abandoned places made me wonder why nowadays photographers often use HDR (High Dynamic Range) software to handle the extreme contrast between dark interiors and light coming from outside. In my opinion where possible the results of natural light coming from outside is much more effective.

These 3 examples of my photos were all taken around the golden hour (roughly the first hour after sunrise or the last hour before sunset) , when the outside light is soft enough to accentuate the colors inside and don´t need any adjustments afterwards.
The key for me was visiting these places close to my house(s) in Spain a couple of times and see how the different hours of day enlightened the place.  That was never a burden as I am intrigued by the history of these houses and the landscapes surrounding these abandoned villages. By spending time there and fantasizing about the people that lived there it made me aware of all the angles and details.

Of course the golden light of early morning and sunset were bringing out the best in them.

Thanks Paula for giving me a chance at these challenges and hope you find some ´Gold Inside´ anywhere for this challenge.


End of Symmetry

 End of Symmetry


Mr Orange and Mr Blue

Mr Orange and Mr Blue


Waiting Room

Waiting Room


Contributions to this challenge are:

Black & White Sunday: Geometry

The odd geometry of the Leaning Tower of Pisa is a subject of wonder for many of its numerous visitors.

The tower whose construction took 177 years (it was completed in 1350) started leaning northward from the very beginning due to the poor soil on which it was built.

In 1990’s the massive structure was sinking severely into the ground and had to be closed at one point. Before the end of the century British scientists came up with a solution for the tower’s threatening lean. They joined Italian engineers in their effort to reverse the tilt of the tower to the angle it was at 162 years ago and made it safe for visitors for another 500 years.

With its 14.500 tons of gleaming marble La Torre Pendente di Pisa is still one of the most exquisite landmarks of Italy.


pisa tower_b_w-1_potpis

I hope you will be able to find some examples of geometry. When you do, leave me your links.

The next post on this blog will appear the last week in July. I’m going off grid tomorrow. Keep well.





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Geometry in garden


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Beach volleyball


Ignored by people






Thursday’s Special: Pattern

The theme of today’s photo challenge is pattern. Patterns are everywhere in our everyday life in architecture, clothing, nature itself, but when we talk about patterns we don’t refer just to visual forms,  but also to patterns of behaviour and other patterns that can be imitated. According to Random House Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary there are 17 different meanings of pattern. Do some research and get creative. Show me patterns in your life.

RAD_0087_kockicei_16x9 (1)_pb

Portuguese pavement (calçada portuguesa)

P.S. I am going off grid as of next Monday until the end of the month. The next Thursday’s Special is scheduled for 30 July.




It’s my pleasure to allow you a sneak preview of the contributors’ entries. Click on the links above images:

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Carpets and tulips in Istanbul


Water world

water world/8

water world/8


Meadow goat’s beard


Broken patterns


Deserving of imitation


Patterns of our lives


Patterns made by wheels




Le bonheur dans la rue


Three Rivers Petroglyphs, New Mexico




Le Bonheur dans la rue (I)


Part of nature


Black & White Sunday: Local Watering Hole (response to guest challenge)

This is  my response to the guest challenge by Irene Waters. Irene is asking us to post a photo(s) of a  local watering hole and has offered several possible interpretations. I rarely visit pubs in my town, but here is a shot of a local cafe in Lisbon. While exploring the quarter of Belem I noticed an old yellow tram, a famous symbol of Lisbon, which had been turned into a  cafe that is mostly visited by locals. It seemed convenient to preserve its recognisable colour – this is my deviation from Irene’s great theme – a local watering hole in black and white, but with a touch of selective colouring.


kafic tramvaj belem_sve crno osim tram-1_potpis



Don’t fret, if you don’t have anything ready. You have up to a week to post it.  Happy Sunday!




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Mannekin Pis

watering hole2bw


At Place de Rochaix, Paris



Local agujero de riego


Scent bar



Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Guest Photo Challenge: The Local Watering Hole (Black & White)

Irene Waters



For those of us that live in the city turning on a tap is our method of obtaining water and it is often a vital commodity we give little thought to. Living in rural areas or in areas where water is scarcer we realise its immeasurable value. On the island of Tanna there are no rivers, lakes and very little surface water available. Instead villagers get their drinking water at the ocean’s edge, digging a pit which fills with fresh water at high tide as a result of the pressure causing the water table to rise. Otherwise they catch rain water and the lucky ones have sunk a bore. Wild horses are lucky to find a place to drink. In Australia many refer to the pub (hotel) as the watering hole.
I’m looking forward to seeing your photos of your interpretation of a local watering hole. Perhaps you have been on safari in Africa and captured some animals drinking, perhaps it is where your water for your town comes from, a reservoir, tank or perhaps it is where you have a cup of coffee in the morning.
As with all black and white photography paying attention to the contrast, shadows, tone and texture is important as colour is not able to lead the eye.






IMG_0368 2


Entries to this challenge are: