TYPICAL. This is a typical shot of Venice, and typical is the theme for this week’s Black & White Sunday photo challenge. I hope you’ll find something you want to show or even go out and capture something typical for this occasion. Whatever your choices, please link to this challenge post and leave me a comment bellow. Sending you love and peace and wishes for a great week!



P.S. Will start looking at your entries tomorrow. Hopefully, I am somewhere in nature now looking at brooks and butterflies ūüôā



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The greatest resource this Earth still holds is transient, isn’t it.


Recently, Jo told me that she would be happy to visit some of Croatian waterfalls. This one is for her. Please join her (if you haven’t already) for her walk around lovely¬†Llandudno.

Prompted by weekly photo challenge: transient.



What good is sight without vision. This little girl envisioned that she would be feeding swans with cornflakes at the nearby lake, and she did it.

©Paula Borkovic

The theme of this week’s Thursday’s Special photo challenge is VISION. Please post your entries before next Thursday, link to this challenge post and leave me your comments bellow. Wishing you all a clear sight and for your positive visions to come true.¬†


jupiter najnajnoviji

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How do you feel about a headshot as theme for this week’s Black & White Sunday?


 ©Paula Borkovic

You know the drill: post a photo or more on today’s theme before next Sunday, link to this post and leave me your comment bellow. ¬†I hope you’ll have fun posting your entries. Wish you all a very good week ahead! ¬†



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Curves are nice, attractive and fun, aren’t they? I love them too, ¬†especially in nature. This image comes from Croatian National Park – Plitvice Lakes. If you want to visit it, just follow the snake.¬†

©Paula Borkovic


jupiter najnajnoviji

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A step into the past, back to some 6,000 BC among the neolithic stones called Almendres Cromlech (Cromeleque dos Almendres)¬†belonging to the¬†“megalithic universe of √Čvora”, Portugal.


For further reading about this site click ¬†here.¬†If you want to join today’s challenge with the recurrent monthly theme: Traces of the past – post a photo or two of anything that belongs to a past (distant or recent), make it monochrome and publish it before next Sunday.¬†

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Wouldn’t be nice to have all of one’s ducks or at least matches in a row? Not very feasible except in my photography. I need some peaceable time after my crazy week and wish all visitors the same.


©Paula Borkovic

Prompted by B. Huberman’s order.



Today you are invited to post a portrait and landscape format of the same scene. You may be surprised at how much different they look and what each one reveals. That’s the only requirement for this challenge. The subject is up to you. Have a great day!


Zagreb, Kamenita Vrata (Stone Gate)

Zagreb, Kamenita Vrata (Stone Gate)

©Paula Borkovic


jupiter najnajnoviji

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I’ve been so busy lately (and still am) that I completely forgot about my May recap. Here it is:

and here are the black and white images I posted last month:





Last week for Black & White Sunday I converted a landscape shot to monochrome to get rid of the pink colour, and today I am showing a monochrome image where I purposely retained some colour. This method is called selective colouring.¬†The theme of today’s photo challenge is WINDOWS. Show me some windows, old or new, selectively coloured or entirely monochrome it is up to you. Wishing you all a good Sunday and a great week ahead!

 ©Paula Borkovic


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©Paula Borkovic 


These gondoliers are  for Jo, our restless walker, to remind her to take a load off her feet once in while  and for the weekly photo challenge theme: friend.