Weekly Photo Challenge: TWO SUBJECTS

Imitation of life


53 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: TWO SUBJECTS

      • Before you take any criticism to heart, take a look at the photographs made by the person critiquing yours. You might be surprised at their utter lack of talent. Makes them feel better belittling others. Most of all though, art is such a subjective thing, ones mans garbage is another’s masterpiece. I’ll bet you had fun setting up the photo, and that is what really matters.


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  2. Ok, didn’t see a photo challenge image for this week (Sun). So, I’m backing up, looking at your image here, and leaving a comment.

    This is a cute image! Here’s what I like: The background really works because it is not distracting and is not bright. Backgrounds should be out of focus and it can be helpful if you have a similar color as something in you main subject. The neutral color here works. The front lighting is very good. The two images have interesting detail. Cropping is good, especially the front and sides. My only suggestion would be to allow a little more space at the top between the green catus and the top frame. Or, before you click the shutter button, be sure to look around the viewfinder and pay attention if any subject matter is merging into the frame or nearly touching it. It so, simply widen the shoot slightly. There are circumstances when it is ok to have parts of your image merging into the frame, but that’s another blog article (-:


    • Hello Rick πŸ™‚ You have no idea how much I appreciate your insight. Now the pic…. I cropped it just above the green cactus in order to avoid some ugly, enerving creases on the background cloth :D. My original photo had a bit more space at the top :). I will take your advice and try to find a background with a similar colour as something in the shot object. I thought it needed a contrast :D. Thank you for your lesson πŸ™‚


      • Yes, contrasting backgrounds work really well. Here are two examples:

        When I shoot, I carry with me a variety of portable backgrounds (-: For example, Picture frame matting in different colors (Black, white, shades of green) and fabric colors & different patterns, but nothing bright or reflective. Another background tool that works well is this. Take your camera, zoom in & fill the frame with green grass or a collection of green plant leafs. Be sure to use an F/stop of f/3.5 or f/4 and (Most important…) blur the shot. Snap the picture and print your natural looking background. The latter works really well for shooting flower close-up or macro images.


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