Weekly Photo Challenge: TOGETHER

This photo was taken above Lake Iseo in Italy at a village called Zone that is famous for erosion pyramids I have already shown in my post “Memories from Italian Lakes”.


18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: TOGETHER

    • Estos caballos son italianos. Yo no tengo lugar para los caballos aqui. Mira, si revisas una de mis respuestas a tus comentarios de hace una semana vas a encontrar tu leccion de croata. Saludos!


        • That’s what I thought :). Hey Jack, I read your reply on your bear pic but couldn’t reply underneath as you did not “enlarge” your reply levels 😀


          • Done! I think. Try it now if you don’t mind so I can be sure.

            By the way, thanks for the laugh! First I’m “Jell” and now I’m “Jack.” You are too awesome! Not sure why it strikes me as so funny, probably because I was up at 3:15 a.m. yesterday and again today at 4 for sunrise shoots and I’m way over tired. For whatever reason, I’m still laughing as I type this 😀


            • I am sorry Jeff. It is normal to be touchy about one’s name. I am not having an old people’s dementia (I am fairly young), but I have had some rough weeks and it drained me mentally and physically. So sorry!


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