Weekly Photo Challenge: UNFOCUSED

Honesty, I am not in favour of this week’s theme. I am only learning photography and don’t own equipment suited for experimental shots, and naturally I discard all blurred and out of focus pics.

This one was taken on purpose with this challenge in mind. I chose the subject of a blurred text as I remembered studying for my university exams years ago. This should give a new meaning to the word “unfocused”.

55 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: UNFOCUSED

  1. I like that. I’ve often tried to get a similar shot for my poetry blog but can’t seem to manage it. Well done! :)

    • I appreciate your comment a lot Arindam:) I have been wrecking my brain about getting this photo this way😀 Thank you!

  2. Good image for the challenge. There are some other ways to use unfocus. Try this… Point you camera at a group of flowers making sure they fill your frame. If you can make your shutter speed slower do so. Just when you press the shutter button move your camara if a quick, tight circle. It may take a few practice shots, but it can produce a pretty cool effect. Or, zoom your lens in and out very quickly while pressing the shutter button.

    • Hello Rick:) Thank you for your suggestions.. some of them I can pull through with my Canon PowerShot G1 x and others I can’t… but I will borrow an slr and try it out:)

  3. Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner!😀
    For someone having a “tough” time with this weeks challenge you sure pulled it off exceptionally well. This is exactly what I had envisioned when you described what you were attempting for this weeks theme, which I was less than thrilled with as well, and it came out brilliantly.

    Another thing to be proud of, you had an idea and made it happen, for this weeks challenge. All I did was dig through my computer for the one out of focus photo I knew didn’t get the axe.


    • 😀😀 You flatter me Jeff, but you are right; I am bloody proud of my ineradicable obstinacy. Your spider is a big hit and rightfully so:). I would have pingbacked you (whatever it means) but you don’t really need more attention😉. I wonder what she is plotting for the next week’s theme….. Thank you for being there man!

  4. I love it… so true! I remember being so tired and trying to keep my eyes open while reading some of those boring texts (some a cure for insomnia!)

  5. Nice! This photograph came out great. I like the slight angle that it was taken from which to me adds to the unfocused theme. And, as an English Literature degree-holder, I love that the book of choice for the photograph is Hamlet. Very fitting for a photo like this!
    Thanks for sharing,
    – Nate

    • Thank you so much Nate. You should know you are the first (and maybe the only one) to notice it is Hamlet😀. It is great to meet another English Literature degree-holder:). I am honoured with your visit and comments especially now that I have seen your portfolio and all the places you visited. Cheers!

      • Score for me!😀 haha. Oh, I didn’t know you had the same degree, thats awesome! Thanks for your kind words about my work, I look forward to seeing more from you!

        • Yeah, English, French and their respective literatures😉, however back in those days I was too hung up on everything French and now I am trying to correct my ways😉 Thanks for showing up again Nate.

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