LIKES (dislikes) / RATES (indifference) / AWARDS (votes)

A thought has been brewing in my mind recently…

It all ties on what I’ve posted earlier in the post entitled Isolation quoting Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa “Freedom is the possibility of isolation. You are free if you can withdraw from people, not having to seek them out for the sake of money, company, love, glory or curiosity, none of which can thrive in silence and solitude. If you can’t live alone, you were born a slave.“

Supposedly, one should be happy living alone, having his/her own thoughts, ideas, tastes and likes…and therefore we should all be self-sufficient, and independent, but the human condition is such that we are programmed to seek the approval, appreciation and support of others…. It is understandable, human and well, … I can relate to that.

All this ”bloggers’ awards“ mess made me think about the reason, the motive behind the whole scheme. Is it a genuine appreciation of someone’s blog, a real admiration of what another person has to offer….? Honestly, I don’t think that is it; not in every case …

It is not a simple appreciation or admiration for a person’s blog or views or individual posts… Unfortunately, I see it as an attempt to achieve false popularity, to gain support and votes. Sorry guys, but doesn’t it look a bit like politics and pre-election charade…

I don’t want to end this in a sour tone, not cause I am a hypocrite, but cause of my naive belief that there are some real, genuine people out there that when entering someone’s site really read and look what is posted and not just pretend to “like” in order to trade “votes”…

This glass of Amaro and the attached music is for them.


59 thoughts on “LIKES (dislikes) / RATES (indifference) / AWARDS (votes)

  1. I know what you mean. I just am thankful to have been nominated! 🙂 just wanted to let you know I read… 😀


    • Hello ST 🙂 I remember the pretty lady with the same pants as me ;D. I am glad you get what I had to say and am really flattered you took time to read it. I do believe that some of nominators do it as a sign of admiration (I don’t imply that everybody on WP is a calculating vote-buying politician :D): Thank you for stopping by. I wish I could make this glass real and offer you some… Godspeed on your life yourney!


  2. Es difícil recibir premios, todos nosotros escribimos, hacemos fotografía, dibujamos, pintamos sin pretender y obtener un premio o mención. Hacemos todo esto para expresar lo que sentimos en nuestros corazones, compartimos el arte de la comunicación. “Arte” en todas las formas y con toda la magia que puede surgir de cada uno de nosotros.

    En definitiva “Somos todos de la misma madera o quizás podría decir del mismo árbol”
    Aunque puede que algunos busquen otro destino u otro fin, pero creo que en e camino te darás cuenta de ello…
    Un post muy profundo en el análisis…, te felicito Querida Amiga Paula…


  3. Hi Paula, I agree to a certain point. It could be that there are bloggers out there that don’t care about once post but on the other hand would they really waste their time to follow once post even if they really don’t care? I don’t know… I don’t agree with you about the awards though…I think it’s nice that people from really everywhere appreciate your blog (I assume they mean it…) and they can show you in this way. The same for liking or even commenting. Nowadays we are all very busy, and even though someone only ‘likes’ your post for me doesn’t mean that they didn’t honostly like it….but maybe I’m too naive….?? But I like the post because if makes one think about it and reflect 😉


        • I must agree with dutchgoesitalian. I can only take care of my own motives which are only ever genuine. If I receive a reward, I receive it in the same way I would give it. I take a lot of time trying to get to know the blogs I follow which is probably why I don’t get to comment a lot because it’s very time consuming. I don’t know if everyone is the same as I am, but I don’t try to interpret someone’s motives. I receive because I feel honored to be recognized. I totally see where you’re coming from, but being we never REALLY get to know anyone here in the blogging world, I’d rather take a more naive approach and give out and receive with sincerity. If someone’s insincere in their likes, awards, comments, etc., well, I guess they have to live with themselves. It’s not really something I want to expend too much energy over worrying about. It honestly makes me feel kind of good when I get an award. And, I’m always excited to genuinely acknowledge someone else’s hard work and keeping a blog is a lot of work. But, if I’m catching your bottom line, it’s basically you prefer sincerity above all else. On that, I concur. 😀


  4. Very well said Paula. My biggest grip about these “Awards” are the strings that come with them. If I have to nominate 10, 15, 20 other blogs as a requirement of my acceptance of an award, along with any other hoops I may need to jump through, is it really an award? If there were some sort of official nominating process, along with some type of voting then the award would really be an award.

    Now I have to finish by saying that the times I’ve been nominated have been flattering to say the least, and I truly appreciate that even one other blogger likes what I have to say or the photographs I share. I’m still amazed that anyone in their right mind cares to read my writing or look at my photographs.

    A thought just occurred to me. The true “Award” for me is when someone actually clicks that follow button. That someone actually wants an email notifying them of a new post by me is all the award/reward I need.


      • 🙂 You said it all man! How many followers do you have by the way? I have 84… Ain’t that cool? 🙂 And thank you for liking the photo. I wish I could offer you some for real.


        • 166 and growing! Seems like a gain a few with every weekly challenge. Imagine, 166 people actually want an email notifying them of a new post. It really is a strange day when someone wants to hear what I have to say


          • I have to disappoint you.. I believe that there are some and they are not few out there that attempt to trade “follows”. I believe that I have discovered one of them this morning….. Strange world of hypocrites – where is the emoticon for a sarcastic smile? I need one, and another one for ego – trippers …. I would like to be harsher here but a contact of mine dared to speak his mind without euphemisms a few weeks ago and they (WP) suspended his commenting option for several days :S… Censorship!!! Speaking one’s mind is a no-no, false pretense and virtual insincere cuddling is encouraged… What type of world is this? I naively hoped it is better than the one outside … but it is the same $hit!!!!


            • That may very well be so, but since I have no way of knowing if a follow is sincere or not, I’m going to go with they like what I write and the images I share. 🙂

              As for your contact, I’d really have to read what he/she wrote and how they wrote it. I know if someone left an “F-Bomb” laden comment on my blog I wouldn’t wait for WP to suspend them. I would do it myself. But, without knowing the details I’ll reserve judgement.


  5. Great picture Paula but I’m loving your rants because I feel the same way. I know certain days I produce really amazing images (in my opinion :)) but I get moderate traffic because I didn’t surf as much. Then I have a couple hours and I start browsing, reading, clicking like and boom my mediocre images have more likes!!! So yes I feel its not genuine and I’m considering quitting the whole blogging thing… the idea of posting daily was to improve and be challenged… now I feel its just a game of visit my page and I’ll like your page. I wanted real feedback on what works and what doesn’t!! We’ll see how it goes…


    • I appreciate your words a lot Bashar, and I am happy to have met someone that shares my opinions. Please, don’t give up on your beautiful blog. I would miss it.


    • If I may add my two cents worth.
      Bashar, I think it is a game that needs to be played if you want to get your images seen. We are each nothing but a drop in a vast sea of bloggers, and the likelihood of being “discovered” by accident is marginal at best. As I mentioned above in response to Paula, my “followers” count continues to rise every week as a result of participating in the weekly photo challenge, randomly visiting and commenting/liking on other blogs who participate has helped a lot as well.

      I admit that my blog was started for purely self promotional reasons. Since deciding that I wanted my photography to become a source of income, and not just a hobby, social media, blog, twitter, fb fan page, were all started to preach the gospel of Jeff Sinon Photography. The blog has become so much more. The interaction with people from all walks of life, and all over the globe, has been richly rewarding. I won’t lie though, the comments on my images are still pretty nice 😀

      FYI, I never would have gotten to see your great images had you not commented here. Also, I didn’t have time to look at every one of your images, but I have yet to find one I’d consider “mediocre” as you put it.


      • I gotta say one more thing. First, I totally concur here with Jeff. I think if we’re all honest, we started our blogs to interact with others. So, I guess it’s the way you look at it. I don’t jump around liking people’s posts just so they visit me as much as I love to see what’s out there. Do I want people to visit my blog? Of course I do, or I would never have started it. The definition of a blog in and of itself infers interaction. There are thousands of blogs out there, so, to think my blog will be eventually noticed without me doing anything, well, that would be kind of idealistic of me to think. Sometimes, I’ll get comments from someone who I hadn’t visited in a while and their comment gets me over to their blog. I followed that blog because I really liked their posts. So, when I’m reminded to go visit again by a comment they left me, I don’t think that’s such a bad thing. I think it’s just the mechanics of the machine, if you will. I don’t know … just my 2 cents. Great subject to get everyone thinking … Love it. 😀


  6. I see! Apologies. I’ve never tried Amaro, but it sounds (and looks) delicious! Hope you are well. Have a great weekend. 🙂


    • Hello James :). No need to apologise :D. Just wanted to clarify that it is something that should be taken after your scrumptious sandwich or before it to build your appetite, but I still have some great wine selection I can offer to go with the food 😉 We are having a long 4 days weekend here :). Have a great one yourself! And thank you for your visit.


  7. Well said Paola. I have to add what Josh Billings said “Loneliness is a good place to visit, but a bad place to remain”. And as you said we are human beeings. We may give votes around in order to get popularity back, but there’s also a chance you came across “likes” and comments that actually mean what they say. And that’s the beauty of it, trying to distinguish the green from the dried leaves. (greek saying) 🙂


    • Hello IT 🙂 I am glad you have found the time to visit me again, and thank you for reading carefully this post that came straight from my heart. Sorry about your allergy, but thanks for raising the glass and special thanks for listening to the song :). Be blessed.


  8. A very candid and well spoken post, it does seem that many places in our lives attempt to recreate popularity contests, much like high school and wanting to fit it. The great thing, I find, in life is being able to recognize these contests and choosing to participate or not. I take satisfaction when people take the time to comment and create a dialogue with me when I post something that inspires them.
    Recently, on another website and not WordPress, an individual commented on one of my photos and it felt great, right up to the point when I noticed that this person made the same comment on a number of photos from other people. I learned that people won’t always be genuine or true to other people, we just need to be true to ourselves and sometimes that means saying or doing things that people don’t agree with. Great post, hope to read more from you soon.


  9. The award issue is a bit tricky because there are some nice people who do use them the show appreciation for a favourite site. I tried to make a place to say thanks to ones who thought of me, and yet indicate that I simply could not participate other than saying thanks and sharing a link. My only exception was after I was sick and planned to write a Thank You post aimed at the WordPress friends whose blogs had distracted, entertained, and filled some otherwise miserable hours. At that exact time, I was offered an award and for the first time wanted to use it as a tangible symbol to give. I was reluctant to give it at first since I felt I had no time to deal with blogging awards and maybe any recipient would feel it was more a disruption and time soaker than a welcomed thing. In the end I decided I would do it and even give it to ones I knew did not accept them which were on my thank you list, figuring they would simply enjoy the thought and disregard it otherwise.

    So I wrote and followed the rules and sent it on. Considering, I was so reluctant, I ended up having so much fun with it. I enjoyed answering the 7 questions about myself and sending to some special people a true message of thanks and inspiration. And to my surprise a couple of people I never expected to accept or pass it along, did. Its a timing thing I guess. I was ready so were they.

    So I guess the message I have is that I agree with you that if you are going to do it, it should be for a blog you do actually read and one which you REALLY want to say thanks to where there is an actual relationship. Otherwise the nice little thought just becomes a chain letter with no meaning and adding noise to an already cluttered environment.

    While it is probably something I won’t be doing again, I really did have a blast with it and thoroughly enjoyed the responses I got. Surprisingly!!

    I thought, reading your posts on the matter that you have tried to be firm but kindly about the issue.


    • 🙂 Judy, I really appreciate that you took interest in my posts and did all this reading. It’s not every day that one meets people like you. In the ideal world “awards” and “likes” would be welcome and genuine, unfortunately many people are just playing around here which is something that upsets me. I am glad to hear that at some point it allowed you to meet genuine people and that it helped in your recovery. I hope you are well now? Warm regards, Paula


      • Funny about the Likes too. I love comments best and the conversation it delivers..or in my case maybe hearing why a particular photo hits home for someone. Sometimes when you invest time in something you might lose track of whether it is good or not. The sheer investment of time causing a certain bonding to a project and therefor loss of objectivity. Probably everyone has that to some degree. But, I find if I am too tired to write a comment or if I am reading on my phone where it is difficult to write much of least for me. Then I will at hit the Like button so someone knows the post was viewed and enjoyed. I also try and save the Likes for things I actually did think were good. Thing is you can’t conduct yourself according to the fact that some people just randomly hit the Like button to draw page views. You just do what can as you see it and are able. Comments are best though, and I have really appreciated yours!! Thank you!!


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