Weekly Photo Challenge: CREATE (revised edition)

I am not much of a crafts person, but still some months ago I came up with a creation for the purposes of two subjects weekly challenge theme. For those interested in my crafts abilities I suggest to check out the link  Two Subjects.

This time I am not feeling particularly creative and as we all know you can’t force art, so I decided on a different take on “create” as in “create a mess”, and I am presenting you my feathery neighbour creating a mess on my balcony. I have been told that we all have problems with neighbours, but this one is really giving me headaches.




60 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: CREATE (revised edition)

    • Actually, if he had done that, he would have been pooping right into someone’s coffee cause the sidewalk is packed with open-roof bars :D. Shoot, I will have to teach him to turn his butt a bit :D. Thank you for the comment 🙂


    • I have been bugging hubby about a barrier for years 😀 So far he has not come up with anything, so the only thing I can do for now is to shoot buggers 😉


  1. your feathery neighbour leaving a shit-mess on your balcony, maybe he doesn’t even know what his backside is doing, sorry for that – but on the other hand I adore all animals, who are able to fly; I would like to follow them for a trip through your neighborhood …


  2. Oops! Such a fun. I love the idea of “creating a mess.” Don’t we have that everyday in our lives? It’s what spice up our days. Some call it “work” , others call it “stress” , I call it “letting go and chilling out.” It’s great to be organize but every now and then, it feels good to be unstructured and enjoy the moment as it comes. Thanks….


  3. I love your “create” interpretation. I’m still debating how I’ll go with this challenge. Too bad I don’t usually take photos of the kitchen after I’ve made a huge mess… Don’t you think the birds wouldn’t be a problem if they had better bathroom etiquette?


    • I am sure that whatever you do in your kitchen is a creation… it does not have to be mess ;). I have always liked pigeons and used to feed them and lure them till they started using my grounds as toilet 😉 Thank you Terri 🙂


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    • Why thank you… I intend to write and am happy to hear you like both my photos and words :). I consider myself lucky in spite of having to clean after him ;). See you Anna!


    • Yeah 😀 I never listen to it, but it comes to my mind when I see pigeons getting too comfortable on my balcony. Have you noticed the poop or you are too squeamish to comment? 😉


  5. That pigeon has a problem !!! – been eating too little stodge, I fear. I hope you got him on to something a little more … solid, Paula ? [grin] That’s the first time I have EVER


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