Weekly Photo Challenge: DREAMING

The good thing is that I can’t take photos of some of the nightmares I have been having recently…. that would scare the bunch of you off my blog :D…so instead I am presenting you a dream come true, a dream of a distant land, a remote village nestled at the bottom of a high mountain I had been dreaming of visiting for years and finally managed to do it this past holiday.

It is not a photo taken by me, but it is my dream 🙂



27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: DREAMING

  1. What a view! I’m glad one of your dreams has come true, looks like it was a good one too. Looking forward to the photos taken by you, not just the ones with you in them. I would have been so taken with the scene I’m not sure I would have been able to settle down to frame a shot. 😀


  2. Wonderful shots, both the head and the lovely lady enjoying the beautiful view… 😉

    Hiking, for example in the Alps or Pyrenees, that’s balm for the soul – enjoy myself that kind of trips 1-2 times a year – no need for funny tobacco, alcohol. religion or psychiatrists to me… ‘hahaha’


    • 😀 I never liked funny tobacco :D, and psychiatrists are just quacks :D, religion is something imposed on us, if we let it…. faith is the other thing, and it should be welcome in our lives, and as for alcohol … there are some delicious herbal liqueurs I can’t resist after long hikes 😉 Thank you Drake my friend for lovely comments, and especially for bringing me some smiles and laughs 🙂


    • Thanks CG :). You know he does the stitching. I hope that some day I will find the patience to do it myself :). Did you like my cow photo too? That one was all me 😀


    • Thank you Marc really, but I thought you were more into music than writing ;). I also post music with each post to accompany photos, but it is others’ musics, I am not a tallent like you. As for writing I find it a bit too challenging, though I have always had a need to express myself. At the moment my major interest here is publishing photos not that I am aspiring to be a great photographer… my only aim is to take pics that I can be happy with … and I am still not happy, but I am trying 🙂 Well, a lie – I am very happy with my header shots 😀


  3. I am glad that your dream came true Paula. This photograph and the place both are really beautiful. I hope you will post few more pictures of this beautiful place. Great post Paula. 🙂


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