The road taken ….. is not always the most traveled one …..

I would like you to listen to this soundtrack while looking at the photo below 02-nick_cave_and_warren_ellis_-_the_road-atrium  


67 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST: Road

  1. Dear Paula, it is technically possible!! You can make it automatically. I’ll discrbe now how to do that, how to make the opennig of tabs more easily for your followers.
    Enter to your dashboard and then go to the admin page of any post, for example your recent post.
    Then click on the music link row to activate it, for example just click /keep the cursor/ the: 02-nick_cave_and_warren_ellis_-_the_road-atrium. Find in the tools row the tool “Insert/ Edit Link, or Alt+A”. Found it?:) Then put the note “Open in new window/tab”. Did you succeed? Well, enjoy!!!

    I hope I could describe the proccess. It’s very easy!! Enjoy! Now your readers do not have to open the same post in two tabs, it opens automatically.


  2. Paula, copy the url link of the music and paste it in window “Insert/ Edit Link, or Alt+A”, note also to open it in separate window/tab. then update. then again update the main admin page of the post. Try.


      • If the music has been uploaded from your computer, then downlad the music to your blog library. when it downloads into your blog – copy the link:… up to the end (you can click Cntr+A) and then paste it into “Insert/ Edit Link, or Alt+A”. Paula please always remebmer that you shuld always have the exact and working, really wroking link. If it is not from other sites then make the link via downloading the mmusic to your blog and then uploading it.


  3. Beautiful shot – the begining of the road cleary in the sunlight and in the shadow the lovely mountain road just waiting – maybe the best is a fresh up bath in the blue blue water, before climbing up road on mountainbike… 😉


  4. You can write any sentence any where, for example in a new post, then note/mark it /activate/, then click to “Insert/ Edit Link, or Alt+A”, then paste the music (or any URL) in that window, click to open it in separate page and update.


  5. Let me explain what you do wrong. You paste in “Insert/ Edit Link, or Alt+A” window this “02-nick_cave_and_warren_ellis_-_the_road-atrium”. No, you must paste there the active, working link of the music


    • You are a life saviour 🙂 you are the best! I did it even before your last two replies… I am sorry for being technologically challenged. A big hug for you Arlen.
      Can I ask you for a new visit to check if it works?


      • You did it Paula!!! 🙂 Congrats! Now enjoy. You can edit the former posts too for making them more comfortable for your readers. The same operation you can do not only with musik links or sentances, but also with images. click on the image and then Alt+A ane you can make the image to open in separate page.


          • You are welcome 🙂 I am glad to hep you. I hade the same problem when i started to blog a year ago. But I soon found the solution. I tried to make it easy for you too. Hope you enjoy! Please just correct my “I did it Paula” to “You did it, Paula”. I am sorry for that. It was mistake.


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  7. Excellent use of leading lines, and including people for a sense of scale is really top notch work! I just want to lay in the grass on the side of the path and watch the clouds float by.


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    • It is on the shores of small lake Formarin (Formarinsee) near Lech am Arlberg in Austria – somewhere between Innsbruck and Bregenz … you would love it there. The header pic was taken on the mountain I was looking at for ten days of my stay there :). Like it?


    • 🙂 Thank you Bashar… it is my quote too 🙂 I hope you are well; I can see that you are creative as always. Love your work and always make sure to “star” it 😉


    • Yes 🙂 Tyrol in Austria its western part 🙂 I would like to go back there again, but hubby is reluctant 😀 we were wet and freezing most of the time, but imagine what a refreshment after +36 Celsius here… yup, I will go back and in full summer 😀


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