I have been waiting for the right moment to post photos of my new favourite lake, which is Lago di Landro in the Dolomites. This Sunday Post theme is “Splendid” [Latin splendidus, from splendēre, to shine.], as in splendor of the mountains reaching high above the Alpine lake, glistening in the sun, magnificent and imposing, asking to be visited and explored …  place to get lost in, and find oneself…




88 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST: Splendid

  1. “A place to get lost in, and find oneself” – yeah totally agree, you are right – I have hiking in that area – I was not lost ‘haha’ – not inside or outside, but it’s a wonderful area… 😉

    Great shot, my dear… 😉


  2. Me encanta esta imagen, me gusta que lo geoposiciones, y me gusta la música… estaba escuchando a Joan Manuel Serrat, pero lo he aparcado y me he dejado llevar por estas notas con sabor a piano… muy buena selección…

    Muy buen trabajo.

    Sí, muy bueno…

    b7s de domingo.


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      • Paula, I think my comment caused a little confusion. When I wrote “Splendid splendor,” I meant that my phrase was maybe a little corny or silly but that your blog was a beautiful, magnificent blog. I’m so sorry for the misunderstanding. Please forgive me. I’ll have to be more careful how I phrase things in the future.


        • That’s what happens when you enter “Lost in Translation” blog :D. All is well Cecilia, thank you for clearing things up. A person that takes pics as beautiful as yours can be that bad 😉


        • Don’t worry Cecilia.. communication can be problematic sometimes ;). I appreciate your coming here and explaining it. Thank you for loving my post. Have a great week!


      • Ooops…. I think you misunderstood me, or rather I was not clear. I meant that MY statement “Splendid splendor!” was maybe a little corny, but that the post was magnificent. I can see how I was not clear on this and I am SO sorry for the misunderstanding. Paula’s post is beautiful. NOTHING corny about it at all, only my comment possibly. Please forgive me for the misunderstanding.


  4. Dear Paula,
    Thank you so much for your beautiful post. It is honor for me, that you dedicated this nice music to me. I am not sure that I deserved it. To be honest I turned red 🙂 Thank you very very much. I am touched!
    Wish you the best in everything. You deserve all the best!

    Best regards, Arlen


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    • … And you’ve made me smile with this comment. I am happy you’ve enjoyed the music and the view! There are so many beautiful places and things around us, we just have to be open to see all of them… THANK YOU Hitesh 🙂


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