SUNDAY POST: Close-up (revised edition)

Definition of CLOSE-UP from Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary

1: a photograph or movie shot taken at close range

2: an intimate view or examination of something

In order to take a close-up photo you either have to come very close or use a telephoto lens.

What made me look close-up? Curiousity of course 😀

Look at it, while resting your ears with the following music 06 – Instrumental One



39 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST: Close-up (revised edition)

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      • I want to make this sunday for a lazy sunday – after a very busy the last few weeks but I can like it this way… 😉

        What about you – are you in hiding on the lookout with your camera for the next prey… ‘big smile’


        • Lazy is great… lazy is my favourite state :). I am afraid I will not be lurking with my camera today… 😦 I have to cook… as a matter of fact, I’ve already started while I am doing some things. I hate standing next to the cooker, so I just put things on, turn on the time, and wait what will happen :). I hope it does not burn down, or worse that it does not burn down my kitchen..oops the timer is screaming right now…


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