Weekly Photo Challenge: URBAN

Does a municipality counting about 800 souls constitute an urban settlement?

I think so, and then I may be wrong. Sorry WP challengers, but you are not likely to see any metropolis shots from me, not any time soon anyway,  and I can’t just hop an airplane to go to my native town to take photos for this challenge. Instead, I am going to show you a typical street in one of our small towns in Istria (Istria being the largest peninsula in Croatia). The place is called Grožnjan or Grisignana in Italian (it was part of Venetian Republic from 1358 to 1797). When I go on short weekend breaks around here, this is the kind of place I visit most. I hope you will understand why… 🙂

Maybe some day I will be able to move to some of these stone-cobbled streets and find a new home there 😉




87 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: URBAN

  1. Great shot, I loves those places – sometimes they are just in the middle of metroples (to day metropoles are and urban also be close up builded villages – the London area, the Copenhagen area, the Rome area and so on are a large numbers of “villages” merge (a well known word) into a metropole – an urban is where more lives inside than outside – so in an area a village easily can be an urban… 😉


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  4. It is very interesting to see this.
    How you guys treat power cables, window installments, and water drain system… everything looks different from my culture and that is amazing.
    And I love this photograph. It is very natural and detailed.


    • Hello Dunden 🙂 This is a very old town and the infrastructure is a bit old. In cities the infrastructure is quite different ;). Thank you for your nice comment. I am glad you loved it :).


    • Oh Mr. S. it would be such a pleasure to show you around these winding little streets :)… Till then we’ll have a virtual tour of the place ;). I am really relieved and excited that you appreciate my recent efforts. Thank you.


    • Hola querido Carlos. Me alegra mucho tu visita. Pense que habias desaparecido ;). Es tu patria amigo. Se encuentra en Istria – el lugar de tus antepasados 🙂


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  7. Such a beautiful shot, it looks like a pretty little town! I don’t enjoy huge, busy towns either. The villages and small towns is where you can really relax, appreciate the scenery and meet real people! 🙂


      • I think it’s a great “urban” shot – the shutters are open, electrical wires and the built-in overhead walkway show connections, the shadowy stairs lead somewhere as does the cobbled path. OK so it has a population of only 800 but its spirit of ancient urban surely endures in this shot. Plus the B & W textural qualities enhance the character.

        (That will teach me to ever accuse you of being clever again! Can’t wait to see the mushroom!)


        • 😀 Sorry I am such a pest… I am really a difficult one, can’t take criticism and am even worse at accepting compliments :D. I like this new gravatar of yours … very cool 🙂


          • Absolutely no need to apologise at all and I understand exactly how you feel about accepting compliments, not to mention the criticism which, BTW, doesn’t seem to feature too much anywhere I know of in WP comments. Should we perhaps get more into the nitty gritty, the drive behind the initial response to “beautiful shot!” or do we toss a flower over the fence in the hopes of getting one back? I know which I should prefer.

            I like your new gravatar!


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