Monday in Colours


I got tired of my black and white scheme, though many of you have recognised it as my MUST from now on :D. So today I have decided to put some colour back to my pa

       Something old, something new

     Something borrowed, something blue 

     And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

Something old – the old chapel

Something new – a new place for me

Something blue – the SKY

And as for the borrowed thing .. I borrowed my friends’ brain as to editing it 😉

The only thing that is missing is a silver sixpence – :S




69 thoughts on “Monday in Colours

    • You deserve a hug and a kiss, just like your Italian concierge lady 😉 I am so happy you found time to visit me Marion. Have you recovered from your busy weekend?


      • Thanks for remembering 🙂 I spent hours and hours Saturday cooking, but the meal was really delicious. It’s a rather long recipe, bit complicated. Perhaps one day I’ll make a post about it 😉
        How was your weekend?


        • If it is long and complicated, I’ll I managed to ruin my arugola, tomato, cucumber canned tuna and potato salad cause I “had to” chat and edit photos at the same time ;).. arugola was stinky out of the plastic supermarket sack and I decided to switch to wine to make up for the lost calories 🙂 My weekend was hormonal and pretty much under the weather .. but hey that makes Monday in the office a nice change 🙂 Despite my laziness I will be very interested in reading your recipee when you decide to publish it. You know.. I almost envy you your bike trips….but as far as I remember bikes are a great fun for a half an hour or hour ride… the rest of time I prefer full comfort :). Right now I am in my lazy girl chair with my feet up with a glass of pinot grigio in one hand and chocolate icecream in the other 😀


  1. Was there any “Crying in the chapel” then it may have been Elvis Presley – by the way you said you leave black’nd white at least for a moment – but it’s only black which left – a ‘big’ white chapel and many white clouds… ‘big smile’

    Beautiful shot – I’m not religious motivated in any way, but have no antipathy against peaceful religious thing – in fact it is visiting mountain chapels very pleasant, when hiking – especially if it’s start raining … 😉


    • *Quack-quack* you made me laugh and smile again 🙂 – these places are wonderful rain or not … I am not a God botherer either, but I love visiting churches and chapels – people are QUIET there and even drakes 😉


  2. The song that jumped out at me when I saw this very striking photograph was “The Sound of Music”, as I half expected Julie Andrews to pop out from behind the building and start singing it!

    Love the colours; Paula 🙂


    • Awww, and I ruined it with Adam and the Ants ;).. if it were Austrian Alps I might have posted Julie Andrews …. this was in Italy … Love this region so much…. not that I have seen any ants over there ;). Thank you Marianne for your visit and such heartfelt comment. x


    • Hmmm, what am I to do? Black or no black :D. Thank you Hitesh. I promise to keep the page full of surprises 😉 I hope you are fine. Thank you for always finding time to visit me and say something nice. Do you like the song? It is “Wonderful” 😉


      • Thank you for always acknowledging the comments 🙂 I am doing great as always, how about you ?
        You know its important to find time for beautiful things in life. And about the song, actually I forgot to carry my headphones to office so couldn’t listen but I will 🙂


      • There are many awards floating around. It’s a way to tell others about you.
        For the Liebster, I nominate you. You have 11 questions to answer about yourself. You nominate 11 bloggers. I only got to 8. Then ask 11 questions of those you nominate.
        If you chose to participate, the rules and questions are on my blog.
        Have fun.


        • I meant what does the word LIEBSTER MEAN.
          Award is English,”liebster” I believe is German… How can anyone put those two together. I have about 5 posts explaining my reasons for declining awards, and unlike anybody here that tend to refuse the award after 3rd nomination I did it from the starters, and I’ll stick with it. I thank you for your recognition. I tend to mention people and blogs I find inspiring or interesting very often in my posts, but don’t feel comfortable taking part in these “forced” awarding process. Please do not take any offence. The chain is broken here with me. 🙂 Congratulations on your recognition nevertheless!


  3. I liked your B/W photos, but I also like your color photos. There’s no reason for you (or anyone else) to stick to only one thing. Somethings are nice B/W, while other things look better in color.
    This photo is definitely very nice with color. Great catch Paula.


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