Goodbye Autumn!

It seems that autumn has bypassed us here this year.

If I hadn’t been to a magical Italian lake the first week of October, I wouldn’t have been able to shoot any coloured foliage. Now with 0 degrees Celsius almost freezing the ground outside, I have to say goodbye to autumn before even saying hello to it.

Here are some photos I took in Italy, a few glimpses of autumn that I miss. And here is the tune “Forever Autumn”




83 thoughts on “Goodbye Autumn!

  1. Beautiful Paula!! I had the strangest experience this past Sunday…where I live in Borgomanero it was definitely autumn with all the beautiful coloured trees, but we went to the mountains for lunch where it snowed and it was the perfect winter-setting. And after that back into autumn again. Very funny but so strange!


    • πŸ˜€ I know, it happened that this summer I ran away from +38 Celsius to some mountains in Austria where it snowed at the same time when my town was melting in heat :O. I am going to Rome in three weeks πŸ™‚


        • Just 4 days…. I was supposed to go to Andalusia, but the travel agency changed the programme, cancelled the charter flight and 6 day trip turned into a three day travelling from Zagreb to Paris to Madrid and to Sevilla, and I said: “no thank you”, so in my despair to have any type of trip – I programmed myself to flee Zagreb my worst month of the year (which is November) I started thinking … where to, where to, and I remembered that all roads lead to Rome, so…… πŸ˜‰


  2. Mi pare giusto! And next summer,while in Como, you ‘ll convince your husband to drive as far as Milan…….It’s an hour distant, so where’s the problem? No kidding, I could be a sort of guide for you!


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