SUNDAY POST: Wonderful

If you look up the definition of wonderful you’ll see that it means inspiring delight, pleasure, admiration, astonishment, or marvel. I felt all that an early October morning when I took a path around a gorgeous mountain lake and saw the morning mist lifting slowly to reveal one of the most beautiful lakescapes.

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday…


107 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST: Wonderful

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  6. Beautiful, enchanting piece of music. Looking at the picture, it’s like wind writing notes on water…Bliss. Essentially what allures me to wander on your blog is the eyes, I think! Is that you?


  7. Pourquoi on n’a pas Γ§a en Belgique ? 😦 Les montagnes, la forΓͺt, le lac… C’est tellement beau… Et mis en valeur sur ta photo… πŸ™‚


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