SUNDAY POST: Surrounded

Ages ago a city vanished under the raging lava to be uncovered 17 centuries later and shown to the world. The dead city with so many traces of life remains as a reminder of once advanced civilisation.

In the middle of the yard of an anonymous house surrounded by ancient columns stands a tree, the subject of my take on the Β Sunday post challenge.

Listen to Rodrigo Leao’s Vita brevis (as in Ars longa, vita brevis – or in my interpretation of Pompeii “Lives were extinguished, but art lives on”)Β 


34 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST: Surrounded

  1. Ethereal music, perfect for this photo. A spot of memories, deeply buried underneath layers of time, crowned by this valiant tree. Again I love your photo, Paula. You have a gift of seeing and capturing special places. Thank you, dear.


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    • Hello Mekala πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for your visit. The place can hardly leave anybody indifferent… I am glad I got the music right ;). I appreciate your comment!


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