Is there a nicer, more important word than peace? (well, except for love)
When I need peace I turn to nature, most often to small lakes with still, mirrored surfaces where I can reflect and ponder in peace.
Here is the photo that says peaceful to me.

This is my response to Jake’s Sunday Post challenge.



81 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST: Peaceful

  1. Buenas noches, podía hablar en inglés, pero así practicas el castellano 😀

    Que bonita foto, pero no es un sitio acosejable para irse de barbacoa, tiene que haber mucho lobo por ahí, o lobas, pero lobas animales digo, no mujeres de costumbres relajadas, si fueran esas entonces sí me perdía.

    Besos querida, buen fin de semana.


  2. Paula,Your beautiful words and the amazing picture embody Peace,peace is the harmony every soul seeks to live safe and happy.Humbly jalal


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  4. Very lovely and peaceful shot, agree about using the nature as a place for reflections – agree too, about love and peace as the 2 most important word – peace when it should be quiet, calm and love if it should be…… ‘hahahaha’


    • Hello Sweetheart, I am so distracted these days and I am not very prompt in replying .. hope you will forgive me. I hope you are better now ( i was sick for umpteenth time too). Thank you for your heart-warming comment 🙂 *big hugs*


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    • This is so sweet Rommel. I really appreciate your comment. Can I ask your opinion on the photo I posted under “reflections” that you “liked” … I would really like to hear your opinion 🙂


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    • 🙂 et un bon post-traitement 😉 Il y a un petit pension sur un petit lac tres romantique en Italie du nord a 4 heures d’ici – c’est un calme parfait. On peut y sentir le silence. Il n’y avait personne – seulement nous deux et des cignes 😀


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