A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Round

For this week’s Word a Week Photo Challenge – Round  I’ve decided to post a photo of the most famous amphitheatre in the Roman world Colosseum, which though not round, but oval in shape, is the best known example of Roman architecture. The word amphitheatre is derived from Latin amphitheatrum, i.e. Gk. amphitheatron, neut. of amphitheatros “with spectators all around,” from amphi– “on both sides” + theatron “theater,” from theasthai “watch, look at.” (http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=amphitheater)

The word round thus made me think of another word – amphitheatre. I hope you’ll find this etymology interesting.





41 thoughts on “A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Round

    • I wish you to go there… I also had visited so many Italian places before Rome and I was pretty worried that it would disappoint me, but the stars lined up nicely on my visit and I felt so much great energy there, and as you noticed the sky was just right 🙂 THANK YOU. xxxxxxxx


    • Hello Rommel 🙂 This is the shot of the west side of Colosseum; I was standing on the high level ground; the Arch of Constantine was to my left… I wish you get to visit it soon.


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