A few years ago I got ill, and was scared and in despair. However, things got better; I had friends that helped me find the strength within me to fight and hope. One of them was my good luck charm that I parted with a year later by giving it to another person as I foolishly thought I would never need it again. These days I have retrieved my good luck charm, my lost sheep, and once again felt the support of my friends through another rough patch.

I know that our belief in the good luck charm is what makes it a good luck charm, but still I am happy to have my lost sheep back with me, and to be reminded never to stop hoping.

I would like to thank Jake for this theme… He must have been reading my mind when he came up with it πŸ™‚

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54 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST: Hope

  1. what a fun and happy lucky charm!!!! out of the ashes, you rise and fly and share with us a nice post and nice song to go with it; i am glad you’re reconnected with your lucky charm, and i hope that the pain and disappointments are behind you. you deserve to be happy and well. lisa/z


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  3. A cute little lady, Paula. Glad you’re hanging on to your hope. You have everything to hope for, but my hope for you is that you stay healthy. It’s a very necessary stepping stone..


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  6. Dearest Paula
    Sorry to hear that you were struggling with your health. I fully understand where you’re coming from and pray that you are now in good health and spirits. Take care Paula and never lose courage, hope and above all faith.
    God bless you


    • Dear Konstantine,

      Sorry for the misunderstanding … my health is not that bad well as far as I know, but I have other problems that are making me scared and worried. Thank you for caring πŸ™‚ Big hugs to you….


      • I’m glad that your health is good and I’ve finally realised the antidote to Fear….”love”, but this is not easy and takes much faith and courage; I’m still learning myself. I’ve been there myself, recently just like yourself, and this beautiful quote really touched my heart.
        β€œUntie by love the knot you tied about yourself through fear.” St. Augustine

        Big hugs to you dear Paula all the way from Australia πŸ™‚
        Imate prekrasan srce


          • Dear Paula,
            Although I don’t know you I really feel for you at present. Nevertheless, I shall keep you in my prayers and I’m sure that that God will open a doorway for you and provide for you at your most vulnerable moment. People like you are like a shining light, and I’m sure that someone will appreciate you for who you are……..a person with a kind heart.
            God bless you


            • Dear Konstantine,

              I still don’t have a clue what will happen.. I am about to live two months in uncertainty waiting for the outcome.. I still dont know if I will be fired or not… I have had a really tough week, and some very painful moments with my family too – sometimes it gets us more than poor health…. It is not easy being let down by a parent and realising that the person that should love you most wishes you unwell.. it hurts….


              • Okay my dearest Paula, now my heart really feels for you. May I please suggest that you talk to your boss alone and have the courage to share your predicament with them. Sometimes human suffering can melt the hardest of hearts. And it seems that for now you should probably stay at your job if possible. Regarding your parents, I know how you feel; I have a difficult relationship with one of my parents whom I haven’t kept in contact with for a long tome as they have done much to hurt me; however although I can still feel the pain within my heart like a sharp knife I have chosen to forgive them which is not easy, but essential to heal ones’ wounds, and also to give the chance for love to blossom. I feel for you, tonight I shall pray for you my dear Paula.

                Hugs from Australia


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  8. I have o admit I wondered about the ‘potty training’ too. Paula Ihope that she brings you much luck and that you make your way through these difficult times to a better future.


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