Weekly Photo Challenge: FORWARD


67 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: FORWARD

  1. Hi Paula, superb photo .The colors are so vivid .I hope you will mention the location .Warm wishes,jalal


  2. Excellent captured, Paula…🙂

    If one look at the picture and thinking “I wonder how Paula took this photo” – then I suspect – you swum over from the foreground and is it therefore we can see that light strip in the water and you are so completely green while taking the photo..? 🙂🙂😉

    – or was it a duck…🙂😉


    • 😀 You are not a black drake, but a gold one😀. Bless you. Actually, I made hubby navigate a boat called pedalini in my language😀, a funny vessel and I gave him hard time while I was trying to capture what I did. Mange tak🙂


  3. Thank you Paula for liking and reading my post (the Armenian Genocide..) you are doing a fantastic job in your blog.Regards.jalal


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