CBBH Challenge: Framed

For this month’s CBBH challenge I give you a framed view of the island of Capri. I hope you will enjoy the selected music too. (More information can be found in the tags)



Since CBBH challenge stipulates that we should provide links to two bloggers we have recently commented on I would like to single out Mekala of bitsandpiecesonphoto.comΒ and Tom of thepalladiantraveler.com, two bloggers that love Italy as much as I do.

To see more entries to Marianne’s challenge, click here.


35 thoughts on “CBBH Challenge: Framed

    • I always spoke Italian in Italy even when I was mixing it up a bit with French like 25 years ago or with Spanish some years ago. Now I don’t mix it any more and they love me there :D. Knowing Italian sure helps, but if tourists would depend on it, Italy would see very few visitors and we know the truth is different… On the other hand I love gluten rich food and it is a must place for me πŸ˜‰ – j/k The food is actually very varied and there is a lot more than pasta and pizza ……


  1. Wonderful entry for this month’s CBBH Challenge, Paula. I have very fond memories of our visit to Capri about ten years ago. Did you go on the “ski-lift” type transportation to the top of the island? πŸ™‚ What fun it was skimming our legs just over the gardens below!

    Thanks for sharing links to two blogs you enjoy visiting. It’s always lovely to find new places recommended by friends.


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