The Frog Prince

You have to kiss a lot of frogs until you find your prince.



39 thoughts on “The Frog Prince

  1. What about the prince trapped as a frog? how many princesses does he have to kiss before becoming a prince again?? That is the mystery behind this fairy tale 🙂 hahaha


      • Two words, knee pads! I don’t leave home without them and my knees love me for it! Yes I may look goofy walking around, camera over one shoulder and knee pads on my legs, but as soon as people see me setting up a shot they understand 😉


        • 🙂 cool .. I’ll have to look for them 🙂 I would also need butt pads to be able to sit comfy while taking flower shots :D. Something inflatable attached to my pants and most of all waterproof 😀


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