SUNDAY POST: Mother’s Day

Mothers can come disguised as wolves, but as long as they are nurturing it’s all that matters  😉


You may be surprised to hear that I’ve found this symbol of Rome on Paul Painlevé Square in Paris.  Please, pay Jake a visit, and see what other bloggers have submitted for the Mother’s Day challenge.


56 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST: Mother’s Day

  1. Happy mother’s day.Those two babies founded the Roman Empire,so the legend says.Have a wonderful day Paula.


  2. A copy of the “holy” Rome sculpture “Capitoline Wolf” in Paris is not the only one copy – in the southern french city Narbonne there’s one too – and in Buenos Aires, Toronto, Guatemala City, Thunder Bay (Canada) – the federal capital of Brazil Brasília have one too actually donated by the mayor of Rome – and Szarvas in Hungary has one, Tokyo have 2 full sized copies.!! – Benghaz in Libya had one too, don’t know if the civil war has ruined it – and in Italy there’s 4-5 cities with copies too… 🙂

    Maybe there are more copies around – I guess so – these mentioned were only them I know… 🙂


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    • Hello Anne, I thought about you yesterday 🙂 Thank you for taking time to listen to Smashing Pumpkins.. I am in love with these baby feet and had to post it;)


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