Weekly Photo Challenge: A Romantic Escape

In the shadow of the majestic Notre Dame there is a bridge known as Pont de l’Archevêché where people leave their love padlocks locked on the structure of the bridge. On May 3, hubby bought one of these, engraved our initials on it, chained it to the bridge, and tossed the key into the Seine. A street musician was playing one of my favourite chansons La bohème. It was the day when I took this sunset photo of Notre Dame, and without doubt the most romantic day on my trip.


notre dame_sunset


pont archeveche


75 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: A Romantic Escape

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  2. We walked all over Paris the day we went to Notre Dame, I finished the last few pages of my novel that evening in our room in the American sector; I will always remember that day. You picture of Notre Dame is exactly as I remember it, it is beautiful.


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  6. I love how you have processed that first photo…..but I’m afraid I’m not a fan of padlock bridges.
    To me the symbolism is all wrong….we don’t lock somebody to us, if we love them them we hold very softly, so they can grow into themselves 🙂


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    • Thank God you like it. I was affraid it was a bit corny, not my style at all, but it was a genuine romantic moment and not just a moment. Neither of us is into false romantising and buying overprised roses in restaurants and stuff .. it is a real thing here :)., the photo above of the cathedral is my first try at HDR images and I was happy it was a success – I dont have to say it was a bit embelished but it is what memories are for .. to remember things better than they are 🙂


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    • 🙂 Neither have I till I got to Paris :). Apparently, there are many places all over Europe where people hang their padlocks. I liked the Parisian bridges, but I liked the ones in Rome even better 🙂 I am happy you like them Uday. Your photography is really amazing.


  9. Hung my padlock on another bridge in Paris, the one I Love more “Le pont des Arts”. Unfortunatly from Time to Time employees Of Paris city remove them all…cos too many and it damages the bridges structure… Ok I know now I have erased all the magic… :(. Hug Paula.


  10. How did I miss this? It’s gorgeous! 🙂 (I know- I’d be jaunting off somewhere)
    Like everyone else, I’m in awe of your first shot. Love the padlocked bridges. The one in Wroclaw is currently being dismantled because it’s rusted very badly. They’ll have to start padlocking all over again! 🙂


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