La Vie en Rose

tour eiffel_sunset-1


67 thoughts on “La Vie en Rose

    • πŸ˜‰ if only the sky had been more dramatic :). I want to remember that evening when I was waiting for sunset for almost 3 hours for ever πŸ™‚ Grazie Anna πŸ™‚


      • Pues me alegro de que tuvieras que esperar 3 horas πŸ™‚ (espero que no hiciera mucho frΓ­o…)…Porque la foto es preciosa….Y los tonos perfectos, enmarcando con elegancia la Torre..
        Por supuesto, la elecciΓ³n de la canciΓ³n es ideal, porque la foto transmite una gran alegrΓ­a de vivir…Definitivamente, yo la acompaΓ±arΓ­a con un frΓ­o champΓ‘n y una rosa.. Muchas gracias!!!!!


  1. On of the nicest shot of this kind I have ever seen, Paula. Outstanding photography is mostly a matter of light and timing, ins’t it! I’d really like to go back to Paris soon. Wouldn’t it be nice to sit on the top step of Monmartre, sip a glas of wine with the basilica in our back and wait for the morning light to come? To see Paris awaken, watch all the beautiful roofs and take lots of moddy photography? You made me dream now, Paula, that was very refreshing!
    Have a great time.
    Big hug β™₯


    • You too Dina, have a great time in Norway :). Yes, I agree it would be lovely to sit on the top step of Montmartre when it has all quieted down and the crowds of tourist long gone πŸ˜‰ Cheers! (what is your favourite wine – red or white?)


    • But, were you expecting Edith Piaff or Grace Jones? France has been changing considerably over tha last decades, and the change in demographics influenced my choice of a singer πŸ˜‰


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