Sous le ciel de Paris for CBBH challenge – Same subject, different time



tour eiffel_by night

Those who follow me might know by now that I don’t take part in bloggers awards, but if I did, the following two would be my first nominees. Please visit Madhu of theurgetowander  and Johanna of You will be pleasantly surprised to see what they have to offer :).

Madhu’s and Johanna’s blogs are my recommendations for June’s featured blogs, and I know that most of you will love them as much as I do.

This is my entry for Marianne’s CBBH challenge. Have a peek and see what others have come up with.

56 thoughts on “Sous le ciel de Paris for CBBH challenge – Same subject, different time

    • Thank you, dear Phil 🙂 If you come to Paris, you will not only see gorgeous architecture, but some fabulous pigeons and crows too … you would have a blast 😀


  1. I sat on the level of the first observation deck on the Eiffel Tower and I watched the sun set over Paris and stayed until the lights where in their full glory, it was one of those moments that will always be remembered, will always be special and treasured…Your photos are magnificent.


    • 🙂 I know what you mean …. I was on the opposite side and took three hours to wait for different views in front of me 🙂 Nice of you to share your memories with me, Charlie.


      • You are so very welcome. You have certainly made my life a bit more difficult. In the unlikely event that I’m ever in Paris wishing to photograph the Eiffel Tower, I’ll have a very high standard to live up to. You have set the bar quite high.


        • 😆 you flatterer :). Well, if you are ever in Paris, you will probably shoot it at sunrise with nobody around at perfect light, while I’ll be still hugging my pillow and listening to Parisian pigeons at my window :D, so you see … the bar will be easily passed 😀


  2. Perfect! What a wonderful time you must have had in Paris, Paula. I think I took this very same photograph myself when we were visiting Paris in March, last year – but that was during the daytime in lovely sunshine.

    Thanks for sharing links to two great bloggers – Madhu and Jo’s blogs are two of my favourites 🙂


  3. Oh, wow! There I was, gazing along the Seine at that fabulous sight as the sky dims, and I scrolled down to find…. me! So grateful to be included in company with Madhu, Paula. Now, she truly is awesome! Many, many thanks. And I love your work just as much. 🙂


    • Happy to read you Stephen 🙂 I know I can trust your judgement and now I am so full of myself :D. No, seriously I am really happy the pics were a success and especially that the first one made an impact on you. xx


  4. Just as astonished and delighted as Jo to find ‘me’ in your post Paula 😀 Thank you so much. I hope to set eyes on this view from the very same place in just about four weeks. Not sure I will capture it quite as well though. Truly spectacular!


  5. Comme quoi les moments de la journée sont très importants ! 🙂 Trois photos du même sujet, trois photos avec des ambiances différentes. 🙂


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