A Word a Week Challenge: Vibrant


This is my entry for A Word a Week Challenge. Check out the other submissions here.


60 thoughts on “A Word a Week Challenge: Vibrant

    • My dear, sweet loving and loveable Amy :), I will have to take your word for it, cause honey I am getting more and more critical and demanding of photos I take and edit, that I almost did not publish this one,… then I noticed the tiny antenne on its shining head and thought – these are vibes :D. You are a great friend and most welcome visitor here. xxxx


        • Me sweets, it is me who is getting more critical, the more I learn the more I demand of myself, the same process that happens with every learning …. 🙂 xx


          • I was afraid it was You, Paula Dear! I think you want to advance yourself, which is a good thing… You’re incredibly talented, have fun 🙂


            • I think ambition is good as it makes us progress, unless it turns into competitiveness and then it is just wrong as it produces all negative feelings :D. I am not referring to you of course – just my philosophical day.. God it is so hot here, I can hardly do anything, but sip wine and gulp icecream almost simultaneously 😆


      • I believe that the quality of your work has become so good that it’s begun to seem difficult to outdo yourself.
        I hope that you can stop being critical of your work, and just enjoy the process no matter the result. That’s what this is all about. No?
        Not to mention, I believe that this approach brings about the best final product.


        • Awww, thank you, Dinkerson. Honestly, when I am taking pictures I do have fun, and am not frustrated about the possible outcome – after all I do not make a living taking pics :D. As for being critical and demanding it applies to all fields of my life ;).. I know it is not good.. will try to cut me some slack 😉 THANK YOU 🙂


  1. This looks really vibrantly good, dear Paula! I think I have to update something, the download doesn’t work for me.
    A big *hug* ♥ to you, – on the way to the Airport


  2. An absolute beauty Paula and you’ve captured it’s essence so well. Stunning entry hon. I love it and the music. I kept waiting for fairies to come out and wave at me. Just beautiful and thanks so much for sharing. 😀 *hugs*


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