Weekly Photo Challenge: COMPANIONS


The challenger for this week asked us to explain the subject of our post, and why we chose it, but I don’t like explaining what is obvious :D.

Those interested to see my life companion can check out the video on my about page ;).

Wishing everybody a nice weekend in the best company!!!


42 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: COMPANIONS

  1. They sure are enjoying each other’s company Paula and they look so warm and fluffy. It’s cold here..that is why I see the “warm”..heheheh. Great shot hon and beautifully captured. I so love your taste in music. Way past my bedtime here but I am enjoying your music too much. πŸ˜€
    Thanks for a lovely post! *big hugs*


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  3. I happy looking group, or at least I assume they’re happy. But what do I know about sheep and their moods πŸ˜‰

    Best weekend wishes, right back at you Paula. And whoever you’re with will definitely be in the best of company.


  4. I have to drive through a couple of very old, traditional villages in the way to work every day. I love seeing the goats running around, depending on where I see them they always let me know how late I am!


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