Weekly Photo Challenge: GOLDEN HOUR

Now, this is a broad subject; as far as I know it can happen at sunrise or at sunset. The attached photo happened just before the dusk on Amalfi coast.

As much as I would love to go out now in search of a “perfect” photo I cannot, as I am busy packing for my 2-week holiday.

I wish I could spend some time viewing your blogs and answering your comments and commenting on yours, but it will have to wait till I come back. Believe me, this is the most needed holiday ever – both hubby and I are faced with job insecurity on our way back home, and though I’d be happy if I could say I am glad that Croatia has finally joined EU, I have to admit – I hate my new country.

The bellow photo was taken two years ago Β – since then my knowledge and understanding of photography has changed and it would not look quite the same now πŸ˜‰


46 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: GOLDEN HOUR

  1. Beautiful, love, love it , Paula! Have a happy holiday, I hope everything turns out well. I’m so sorry you have this burden on your shoulders.
    Big hug and the best of wishes


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    • I did not get the chance to thank you before my holidays so it had to wait till I got back. I am still in love with Italy :D. How are you Alessandro?


  5. I would also love to go out and take the perfect photo for this challenge, but, like you, I’m short on time these days. I can imagine that your photography has improved for the last 2 years (because I know mine has), but I think that this is great photo!
    I hope you two will have a wonderful vacation! Best wishes from The Cardinal!


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