Thursday’s Special (inspirational photo non-challenge)

I’ve decided to start a new series of photo posts that will be published on Thursdays in honour of Jupiter (or Thor – god from Norse mythology) entitled Thursday’s Special, and I would like you to join me and to share your work with me.
A few facts about Thursday, the origin of the name and the reason why I chose it as the day of my new special posts series:
According to some international standard adopted in most western countries, Thursday is the fourth day of the week. In countries that use the Sunday-first convention, Thursday is defined as the fifth day of the week such as in Portugal where it is called “quinta-feira” meaning fifth day of liturgical celebration (the first being Sunday) after Latin “feria quinta” used in religious texts where it was not allowed to consecrate days to pagan gods. In other Romance languages the name for Thursday was clearly derived from Jupiter such as “jeudi” in French, “giovedi” in Italian, or “jueves” in Spanish. In Slavic languages again the number is used such as in Croatian where “četvrtak” means the fourth day. In Hindi the word for Jupiter is Brhaspati, and Thursday is called Brhaspativar, also known as Guruvar in the South Indian languages.

The name Thursday is derived from Old English Þūnresdæg and Middle English Thuresday, which means “Thor’s day”. And who is Thor if not Jupiter (Latin: Iuppiter, Iūpiter) (also called Jove), in Roman mythology, the god of sky and thunder, the king of all gods. The Planet Jupiter which is visible to the naked eye in the night sky and occasionally in the daytime too when the sun is low, was named after it.

Jovian is the adjectival form of Jupiter. The older adjectival form jovial, employed by astrologers in the Middle Ages, has come to mean “happy” or “merry”, moods ascribed to Jupiter’s astrological influence.
This takes us to the symbolism of Jupiter. Jupiter is said to influence all the good and noble things of life, and lead each of us toward a higher purpose. It reflects the fullness of life and absolute freedom.
With this in mind I’ve decided to dedicate these “sacrificial” posts to Jupiter, a jovial god of light to enlighten us and help us expand.



Jupiter reflected 😉

**This is not a challenge; and there are no rules. I will not be giving you themes, but I am inviting you to share with me what inspires you, and makes you happy. If you like my widget, feel free to use it when linking to Thursday’s Special, or just place it somewhere in the widget area on your blog. If you want to take part, it will bring me great joy.

Addendum: At the beginning of 2015 Thursday’s Special turned into a photo challenge and the participants are given weekly themes every Thursday. In a year and a half of posting this event I realised that bloggers are happier when given specific themes for the challenge. The novelty is that as of January 2015 you are invited to participate as guest challengers on my blog and give themes to others. For more details please see Scheduled Challenges page.  

When you make a post on the given theme, link it to my challenge post and leave a link to your post in the comments section. 


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187 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special (inspirational photo non-challenge)

  1. I love your idea of non-challenge challenge and attempt to provoke people to think for themselves, create, share their creations, thoughts and visions with all of us.(you are certainly making me rethink my decision not to create my web page) Again you outdone yourself with out of the box thinking, creative writing, photography and superb music selection.


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        • Yes, Amy, that would be nice, thank you. Despite being a non-challenge it is the only “rule” – to link to my Thursday’s Special and to enclose your link in the comments section in my post 🙂


            • Don’t apologize Amy 🙂 It is holiday here and I am at my computer non-stop :D. The only requirements that I set are to entitle it Thursday’s Special: (and here you include your own title – without brackets of course), you include the link to my post the same as you do with other challenges and you leave a link to your post and yes, the only setback is that it should be posted on Thursday, but that again is flexible cause we are not on the same time all of us ;). You have plenty of time usually to prepare as there are no themes that are given but then again it is more challenging as it requires you to come up with your own idea :D. Please, if you have any more questions, I am here.


  3. Brhaspati. That is what we call Jupiter in Hindi. So Brhaspativar is Thursday! Or Guruvar in the South Indian languages, just in case you want to add to that extensive list 😀
    And what a special image to start off a special ‘non’ challenge!!


  4. Great idea, beautiful done… 🙂

    In danish thursday is called T(h)orsdag, actually wednesday is called onsdag (Odins day), tuesday is called tirsdag (Tyrs day – our norse war god) and friday is called fredag (Freyas day – our old norse goddess of love, sexuality, beauty, fertility)… 🙂

    Saturday (Saturn’s Day) is in danish called lørdag (laug dag – an old norse word for bath) – maybe danish, norwegian and icelandian people only take one bath a week “hahaha”

    Sunday is in danish called søndag from the old norse sunnudagr, which means the suns day.

    Monday is called mandag – moon day from Mōnandæg which are both old english and old norse.



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    • That, my friend, is my lamp 🙂 It has a nice fancy bulb but it is a white globe in itself. I took a pic of it and its reflection on a glass table. The light of the lamp is the only light used in this shot! How do you like it? Jupiter is a fascinating planet!


      • Well… your lamp have the colours of Jupiter ! 🙂 I specialy like photos that I can’t immediatly guess what it is ! 🙂
        It’s a good idea ! And a great observation of your room and the objects. 😀

        (Sorry for the mistakes, if mistakes there are. I come from Belgium and English isn’t my first langage ! 🙂 ).


          • Oh no, thank you ! I’m a French professor and if I begin to speak in French, I will use difficult words…:D
            Where do you come from ? 🙂

            (*well… your lamp HAS the colours of Jupiter) 🙂


              • La Croatie ! Et vous parlez français ? C’est chouette ! 🙂
                En Belgique, j’enseigne le français à des étrangers qui viennent de différents pays: Afghanistan, Pologne, Espagne, Italie, Turquie, Ukraine… 🙂 Et maintenant… Croatie ! 😀


                • J’ai fait des etudes de francais, anglais et literature. maintenant mon francais est mauvais 😦 Je travaille comme traductrice d’anglais Mais en 2003 j’ai traduit un livre du francais en croate 😉 – cela a ete ma derniere traduction franco-croate 😀


                  • C’est bien ça ! 🙂 Votre français n’est pas mauvais: vous faites peu de fautes et vous avez un bon vocabulaire de base ! 🙂
                    Je vous mets dans mes favoris, pour commenter vos photographies et pour que vous vous entraîniez à parler français. ! 🙂 Si vous le voulez bien sûr ! 😀


                    • Merci bien Yoris, j’ai envoye un email mais je crois que l’adresse n’a pas ete correcte :D. Si vous preferez vous pouvez me tutoyer… 😀 J’aimerais plus ca.


                    • C’est precisement ici que tu peux trouver des coordonees comment participer dans mon non-challenge 😀 Tu peux publier quoi que ce soit (photo(s)) et la lier avec mon Thursday’s Special de la semaine. Avec ca il y aura un peu plus des gens qui pourront voir ton travail, le cote bon – pas de sujet – tu fais ce que tu veux mais ca doit etre publie jeudi – alors si tu veux faire un lien de ta photo reguliere de jeudi avec mon post – ca serait suffisant 🙂


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  43. I’ve been wondering for decades why elementary school teachers don’t explain the origins of our English-language day names, which are fascinating and provide an insight into ancient times. But then I’ve also been wondering why so many of those same teachers don’t seem able to impart simple arithmetic to their students. Consider me anything but jovial on that subject.


    • Do you really think that our knowledge depends on teachers we had? I learned very little in classes. We can only rely on books and our thirst for knowledge.


      • I’m all for books, having bought and read many of them since I was a teenager, and learning as many things as one can by whatever method. That said, I wouldn’t underestimate the power of a good teacher to ask lots of the right questions, to make connections among subjects, to explain things that many might find difficult, and to inspire students with a love of learning. I’m sorry if you didn’t have good teachers.


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  58. Hi, I’m glad to join too: I have taken a copy of the button to add; I’m pretty new to challenges so I particularly like the idea of a no-pressure inspire one 🙂 nature usually inspires me the most.


  59. As I’m about to disappear for a couple of weeks, I won’t get involved in this one yet, Paula. It has promise, eh ? – a hug variety of topics coming up. 🙂


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