Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

To be honest, on a regular day I don’t go around with my camera, not even with my phone snapping pics the moment I wake up, but on my holidays it happens sometimes.

This is what I found on my first early morning during my exploration of Corsica: an intimate beach lined with messy trees, bunkers, scarce houses, but I loved the ever changing scenery and vegetation.

Please listen to the attached track Una Antra Matina.


Bonghjurnu San Firenzu!

posjeceno drvo


59 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

  1. Impressive so awake in the morning you are, even on your vacation – I love Corsica and most of all the locals on the wonderful island, one of my corsican friends says with a twinkle in his eye that as corsican so you sleep never more than that you have half an eye open – but always relaxing around the clock – excellent work here, dear Paula… 🙂


    • 😀 Yes, they are some characters! We have seen everything on the island from wild boars to wild goats, cows, foxes, and human locals as well 😀 It may very well be my best trip so far. Thank you very much for your nice comment, Drake.


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