Sometimes the weekend weather can be nice…

I’ve noticed that some of you have no clue about my country of origin, and I am entirely to blame for that, for posting all these pics of my travels and showing so little of my country and its capital where I live.

In the north of Croatia at about half hour drive from Zagreb there is a Baroque manor that was named after the forests of common oak that surround it. Yesterday the weather was nice and warm again so I visited Lužnica. Built in the 18th century the manor changed owners several times in its history. Today it belongs to a congregation of nuns that run a spiritual-educational centre in it. I did not go inside this time, but stayed in the park surrounding the castle trying to take photos of tiny frogs and water lilies. Frogs were too quick for my camera, and I can’t show you any pics, but here is a view of the manor from the park.




45 thoughts on “Sometimes the weekend weather can be nice…

  1. Very nice. We had great weather here this weekend too and yesterday we went for a long walk. I’ll post some photos after I’ve processed them. I haven’t looked at them yet, so I don’t even know if they are good, but it should be at least a couple of nice shots on the memory card.

    (Interestingly enough I misspelled the last sentence and originally wrote: “[…] a couple of nice shits […]”
    Maybe it’s prophetic? 😀 )
    We’ll have to wait and see.


  2. Paula that looks such a beautiful place. Like a fairy tale…..
    Most of our castles are in ruins, The English kings kept coming up and smashing them, so I’m always delighted and amazed to see palaces and castles in such amazing condition. Your country is very beautiful….did you see my post on Dubrovnik?


    • No, I haven’t. I went through your blog again and I can’t find it :S. Thank you for your nice comment, Seoanid 🙂 Some of our castles are in ruins too. This one was lucky!


  3. The picture of the Baroque manor is lovely, and I loved the music.
    We had a beautiful weekend, too, but next weekend snow is predicted in Colorado, and already a ski slope has opened, so this might be a harsh winter.


  4. We are all just sitting here “surrounded by no knowledge about Croatia at all”
    waiting for Paula to tell us about her historical and beautiful country… 🙂 🙂 😉

    This manor remind me a bit of them I know from my danish homeland
    which often “stole” the architecture ideas from the southern(east) Europe… 🙂

    Perfect atmosphere captured… 🙂


    • Well yes, but now that Croatia is oficially part of the EU I thought that proper introduction was in order 😉 Shame on you for stealing architecture ideas 😀


  5. Applause! Applause! 🙂 First of all, I’m glad you had a lovely day. Secondly, thank you for taking note of your many admirers. I can’t wait to see the lily pads. I’m sure they’ll turn up in some form, some time 🙂


    • Hellooooo Jo 🙂 Sorry for my delay reply. I have had unusually busy day – which actually I loved. The lily pads turned out fine and I will post them soon, but first you are going to see an Italian one. How is the weather your end? Promise to stay dry? (I meant the rain not the wine ;))


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