Grim Sunday

Sundays are supposed to be fun or at least relaxing, but sometimes even in nature along the greenest lakes they can look pretty bleak.
Here is my Sunday (the last one in October) – no colours whatsoever.





46 thoughts on “Grim Sunday

  1. An Italian musician was asked why so many of his songs were sad and gloomy. He answered that it was beacuse when he was in a good, happy mood, he’s go out and have fun rather than stay home and write songs…

    Color can be overrated, Paula.


    • πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ Even when they are good there is something about the last minutes of slippering happiness that makes me hate it for I know it will soon be over….


    • You are a very sweet lady, Sylvia. I was better yesterday, and today I am blue again (not your kind of blue πŸ˜‰ ) It is hard to live here and remain optimist and positive with everything going on :(. My biggest mistake is my being too sensitive to everything. The government is selling everything, all of our resources and the unemployment is skyrocketting :(. I hate injustice and selfishness of any kind and now the news has been full of criminal charges of one government against the previous one; whoever comes as the ruling party their only objective is to rob the country and public companies of everything. It makes me sick 😦


    • Do you have faith in humankind? I have started watching the link you enclosed. I have no idea who this fellow is. He looks a bit out of himself…. To answer the question you did not ask: I have no faith in humankind, and I have lived, and went through war at its worst.. and now it seems getting worse still …


      • You have been through so much and I hate the thought of more to come for anyone in your situation. I have to admit I do have faith in humankind although I am always suspicious of the motives driving those who seek political office in order to corrupt absolutely and wreak havoc through abuses of power.

        The fellow in the clip is a British comedian who shoots from the lip and he is talking to Jeremy Paxman who is famous for his excoriating interviews of people in political power.

        Would you ever consider writing about the developing situation in more detail?


        • Hello Patti. Thank you for giving this situation so much thought… writing about politics here in my blog is not what I had in mind. You may hear occasional lament from me, but I prefer to focus on a sunny side of life most of the time. We are served news every day we go to work, and I just need a break and some positive thoughts in my life now πŸ™‚


    • πŸ™‚ Good morning Jo :). Sorry I had to turn in very early last night and could not read you or reply to you :D. I have the TS ready, but I was soooo pooped yesterday I could not bring myself to publishing it as yet. Here it comes :D. Thank you for thinking of me, from the bottom of my heart πŸ™‚


  2. That’s the beauty of B/W. Colour can sometimes be a distraction, especially when it doesn’t look as good in photography as it does to the naked eye. That’s when B/W can refocus our attention on the beauty that’s hiding in plain sight; like those plumetting waterfalls.


    • Spot on comment, Allan. I was that Sunday at the most photographed site in my country and the normally luscious waterfall was a real deception. Autumn was colourless and everything looked pityfull, so I did what you noticed, and besides my mood was rather grim cause of some other issue πŸ™‚ Had I been in a more positive mood, I would have probably tried to add artificially colours to the image, but this way I showed it just monochrome as I saw it. I appreciate your trained eye, expertise and generous comment.


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