Those who follow will never learn to walk

Beware of strength in numbers
They play better than one
A group of those who follow
Can never reach the sun

(Great Northern: Numbers)


Sundays are starting to get monochromatic for me, and with Winter coming I foresee more black and white Sunday shots on this blog. If you want me to see your black and white world, leave me a link in the comment section.

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59 thoughts on “Those who follow will never learn to walk

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    • I could stare for hours into cow’s faces, well in any animal’s face I guess, but I don’t see a variety of species on my travels πŸ˜‰ The weather has really turned bad :(. The wind is raging outside. Thank you, Sylvia xx


  3. Searching for subjects suitable for black-and-white is an excellent excercise for the mind, as it requires imagining away part of what the naked eye sees.
    And, disregarding the advice, i think i’ll keep following (your blog) πŸ™‚


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