My quote of the day

Some wear their age spots on the inside …..




An excerpt from the lyrics of the attached song:

Le le lee 
I mono wayso jambo pe janga poje 
Onte myo sobo jo maame jauo peijosau 
Kokonipi jao sobo jambo, jambo pomi peso

Can somebody help me identify the language used in this song? It is a mystery to me and would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

67 thoughts on “My quote of the day

    • There is no such language as Slovanian. Did you mean Slovenian? If so, it is not. I understand Slovenian 🙂 Interesting you say that some worlds are from an African dialect 🙂


      • Sorry about the miss spell… but that is too much of a hurry… some of the words looked that way to me but quite a few if said phonetically they would definitely be an African language… I can’t spell or write in the Shona, Zulu or N’dbele languages that I partially understand… Hell I can’t even spell in English, but they could be that the African Languages have adopted a similar word for themselves… I know there are Afrikaans and English type words in their language but have totally different meanings to there cousins…


        • This is very useful Bulldog 🙂 I am very thankful for your insight. The authors of the song probably combined some dialects together without being concerned with the actual meaning :S. It’s been fun reading what my readers had come up with :D. Once again, thank you very much 🙂 xx


  1. Strange, as Yello is a swiss techno band. It sounds like it might be of African tribal origin but I’m just guessing, especially as the word jambo features in some of Michael Jackson’s songs and it means hello.


  2. I tuoi post sono sempre carichi di significato oltre ad avere splendide foto!
    Sono d’accordo con te: meglio essere giovani dentro!( anche se ,sovente, la freschezza interiore si trasmette anche all’esterno….)


    • Hai ragione come sempre 🙂 xo Tu sei una banana giovane dentro e anche fuori 🙂 When I met you Anna, I was convinced you were 9 years younger than I am, that should tell you something 🙂 xxxxxxxxooo


  3. i wish I could add to your needed translation. Like the rest of the commenters, I, too, have juts one for every word.

    I have one particular sentence that quite striking to me. This:v”A complete metaphore for keeping our spirits young in spite of getting old…” I found it profound.


    • I appreciate your going through the comments, Sony. You have noticed as much as I did that sometimes more is said in the comment’s section than in the post itself ;). You are deep, Sony … if you were not, you wouldn’t be able to figure my post. I am really thankful. Hugs, P.


  4. I wonder if those words aren’t a fusion of several languages? A bit of Swahili, definitely, but some of the words seem portuguese to me. Strange that no on-line translator software can do the job, maybe because it’s a mish-mash, maybe even some made-up words?


  5. Chuis tombé sur ce vieux post. J’ai cherché un peu partout. Zip. Jambo est du swahéli (I speak it a little) The rest makes not much sense. Jambo or Djambo veut dire bonjour. Maybe something from Mozambique! 🙂


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