Paris in the Springtime

This is where I would like to be now …..




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66 thoughts on “Paris in the Springtime

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  3. This picture has a lot going for it. I noticed that someone said it was hilarious, and I cannot see that side of it.
    I see the reflection of the sky on the bricks, the sky itself (however secondary), then the couple, the CafΓ© sign.
    Using the building and the light post to frame the tower worked very well. Yes, this doesn’t make me laugh, but it does make me stop for a while.


    • πŸ˜† nope, there is nothing hilarious in this shot. I thought it may be the shorts on the guy in the foreground ;). I have learned lately not to take all comments seriously ;). Today I had to spam one. The same person left me a longish comment that was something between a romanesque imagination and meaningless babbling, and a bit later he/she/it left me another one this same pic (I haven’t replied anything) stating:” this is silly.” I wonder sometimes who is behind such comments, and also I wonder at times who are the people that leave 2 stars under other people’s pics πŸ˜€ The world unfortunately is full of weirdos. I am happy and honoured to see you here Dinkerson. I know how busy you are. Thank you.


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    • Gracias querida Ilargia. Se paso muy bien aunque me toco un nino joven pero capaz :D. Ahora estoy un poco dolida pero lo peor paso y me quedo mi diente πŸ˜‰ Hasta pronto querida πŸ™‚


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        • Both, I am using ice-pack though I am afraid to make burns on my face as I did on my back a while ago, and I am on my second round of antibiotics which are making me so sick to my stomach – I am not using anything for the pain to avoid more stomach pains. It will probably get better – my problem is that I am the most impatient and pessimistic patient around – always fearing the worst.


          • Are you eating, and keeping up the fluids? Soups, ice-cream and other soft foods should help, plus yoghurt to counter possible effects (i.e. candida) from the antibiotics. And I really wouldn’t hesitate to take a painkiller but I wouldn’t take anything on an empty stomach, which is why you need to eat small amounts. Have you wrapped the ice pack in a soft cloth? Wish I could bring you some chicken soup!


            • You are very sweet Patti. The fact is that I am so used to supporting pain that I don’t need any for this tooth, and I am always taking probiotics – this is a tricky part with my digestive system – I used to have an ulcer. Now I have some medicinal probiotic yoghurt,but it will be more effective when I stop the bloody antibiotics on Monday. I am eating soft, but don’t have much appetite now. You have mentioned all the necessary steps which makes me think you have gone through the same things before. I had two cysts on my teeth and surgery 20 years ago and I recovered so much faster – bloody aging 😦


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