Black & White Sunday: Une Nana Très Sexy

Today, I give you the sexiest in my porcelain doll collection, a doll made after the prostitute character in Emile Zola’s novels, famous Nana.


If you have any black and white photos you wish me to check out and link to my Black & White Sunday, please leave me a link. You can also grab the widget:


This post is related to the Cardinal’s Greek Sexy Sunday.

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46 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: Une Nana Très Sexy

  1. Your B&W photos are always so good… not being a big fan of B&W I don’t often capture in it or convert to it… probably as with my nature photos the colour tends to be quite important… but I do love seeing photos of those that know how to take them and how to process them… you are damn good at it…


  2. et Nana Mouskouri?… 🙂 P.S. j’aime bcp:”Blogging is about commenting, not clicking likes. I don’t follow people that are quick on the mouse button.” – same here, I totally agree… 🙂 my very best and have a wonderful weekend! cheers, Mélanie – Toulouse, France


    • C’etait une nana qui chantait tres bien :). Merci de ta visite Melanie. Je suis tres occupee en ce moment, mais je vais cliquer “suivre” pour ne pas te perdre de vue 🙂 J’ai vu photos de Toulouse et cela me plait beaucoup. Bon weekend!


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