I have been really busy since the beginning of the year and feel a lot of stress building up. Now I have to work with flu, including non-paid weekends not knowing if I will have this job in a half year’s time. However, I have to do all I can to try to keep it.

As for my blog, I will continue to post at least for my Thursday’s Special and I will always look at your submissions and provide links as I always did, but please don’t be offended, if I don’t spend much time looking at all of your posts and commenting for the time being – my schedule is too busy and I am unwell – the last thing I want is for this place to turn into a source of stress too. That said, other challenges and my participation therein may be put on hold for a couple of weeks.

Keep well everybody.




27 thoughts on “Notice

  1. One day I’ll figure out how life ought to be lived fully, actively and without pointless stress. But for now I don’t have any great ideas for you. Other than to keep well, smile and come back when you some breathing space.

    PS: I’m full time developing a business around Genetic Fractals and I think it might actually work out. If not, I’m having a wonderful time and tomorrow’s woes are for later ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Je suis triste de te savoir souffrante et si stressรฉe ma chรจre Paula, je pense trรจs fort ร  toi et te souhaite d’aller mieux. Je t’embrasse, amicalement. Julie


  3. Dear Paula,
    I’m so sorry, please take good care of yourself! While you’re working very hard, under almost unbearable pressure, I very much hope for a smooth and quick recovery. Get well and come back soon. We miss your lively presence.
    Big hug!
    Dina x


  4. Your blog is lovely, but it should not be a source of stress, and it may be a time for a break. We’ll all be here when you feel it’s time to return. And I, for one, would not be offended in any way if I do not get any comments from you. I know you don’t believe in that “Like” button, but if you continue to look through blogs, just click the Like button if you’ve enjoyed a post, and move on. Make it as easy on yourself as possible.
    Sending a hug.


    • I agree with Angeline 100%. This should be a fun place for you to go… to get away from stress and simply be creative and enjoy. I know that all of us are sending wonderful energy your way, so I hope everything falls into place for you and you feel better soon. Hugs, Meghan


  5. I often think of blogging as a coffee shop by day, a bar at night, stress free zones to enjoy in our own time with each other and always room for more company! Hope you are feeling better now, take it easy!


    • And you do right, Patti. I feel very frustrated for not being able to pay visits to people/blog I really appreciate due to being so tired/stressed out and frustrated with work. I hope I’ll manage to keep in my circle the people that really are worth it who won’t mind my occasional absence ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


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