B&W Sunday: Conversation with myself



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I am honoured to present a great piece of writing by Colline inspired by this photo:


41 thoughts on “B&W Sunday: Conversation with myself

  1. Cette photo me donne un sentiment d’équilibre et d’harmonie, de paix et de calme aussi…
    J’aime beaucoup le titre.
    La musique est belle et un peu triste : j’espère qu’après cette conversation avec toi-même tu seras rassérénée.
    Gros bisous Paula !


    • I will write to Vatican and tell them to make the monks of Orta San Giulio wear white habit in mid-summer :D. I would have liked to have more contrast in the photo too, but what can I do 😉


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  3. I love this Paula. You are so talented with your camera. And of course the music suits the atmosphere you have created in your picture.
    I think I feel a story here somewhere. Can I use your picture again?


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