A Postcard from Lake Como




39 thoughts on “A Postcard from Lake Como

  1. Whenever I see a photo of an Italian lake, I’m sucked into a space-time warp and spat out at Lago d’Orta in 1986 where I am walking on the main square by the water, holding hands with my girlfriend. At the jetty, a boat driver with black blazer and cap is helping a nun into his boat before taken her and her sisters to the shrine of St Giulio on the island. Just add the sound of Italians waving their hands as they speak and the sweet fragrance of gelato al fragola. Thanks Paula!


  2. Como! The magic of the lakes πŸ™‚ I was watching some old railway journeys done by Michael Portillo (former politician and railway buff) at the weekend and he was boating on Como. I was right there with him!
    Migraines gone? Back in the working week!


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