A visit to the Zoo: Part II


Β Every Monday Jo is taking us for a walk. Today you can join her for some hiking in Poland.

41 thoughts on “A visit to the Zoo: Part II

  1. Your photos almost reconcile me to zoos! Where else could you see such wonderful animals in a short stroll? You photos are superb. I’ll soon be running round the Warsaw zoo with my 18 month old grandchildren: they too need fenced space. I can guarantee my photos won’t be a patch on these!


  2. He’s a good-looking lion! The one in Krakow was roaring his head off- not at all amused. I really don’t like big cats caged or sad-eyed chimpanzees but if they have decent space it’s not so bad.
    Many thanks for joining me πŸ™‚ You’re always welcome.


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    • πŸ˜† oh no, these are much nicer Draco and I did not notice that any of them smell as the one in my office πŸ˜€ I needed a laugh today. THANK YOU πŸ™‚


  4. Great pics! I have this love/hate thing with zoos. I love that I can see animals I’d never otherwise see. I hate that they have to be caged. Last time I went to a zoo, I didn’t get good pictures. I especially love your lion and bear pictures!


  5. I’m glad I’m not an animal living in a zoo. Well, philosophically speaking I guess we can say that we’re all animals in a zoo, but at least we’re not physically caged (most of us).


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