Thursday’s Special: Graffiti

Finally I have some kick-ass graffiti to show you. This appeared in my neighbourhood just two weeks ago. I am sad to report that two homeless persons died in a fire there last winter, hence the inscription on the house. After the last flooding that hit the eastern parts of the country a lot more people will be left without homes. I can only wish and hope that the government will do everything possible to help them restore their lives.

graffiti nova cesta-2


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80 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Graffiti

  1. This graffiti deninitely livens up the spot.

    I’ve been hearing about the flooding on the news over here, and I thought about you instantly. I realized that you may be in a part that wasn’t hit but that you may have friends or family in places that have been.

    Over here, citizens with cultural ties are organizing care packages to be sent there.

    All the best to you, Paula.


    • Thank you for this message Allan. Help is getting here from many places and it is restoring our faith in humanity. Can’t thank you enough for your thoughts and good wishes.


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  3. You know I love water, Paula, but it can have savage consequences. Tragic for so many people. I have no idea how I would ever recover from losing everything like this.
    Thank you for your moving post this morning. Hugs!
    Still too much work?


    • Hello Jo. My grandparents lost everything they had 50 years ago in a flood in this very neighbourhood where I live today. They were rescued by boats and row their way out. They recovered from that devastating experience. I hope these people will too. I have had a couple of intense days with meetings, working from home today and changing offices tomorrow – it will be busy. Sending you hugs


  4. Ho letto attentamente le notizie sulle alluvioni e ho visto che la tua zona non era stata colpita ,anche se rimane il dolore per tutti quelli che hanno perso tutto……!
    La tua foto e’ bellissima e ora conosco il significato di quei graffiti.


  5. Now you’re talking, Paula! Very cool street art. I’m always interested in street art in other cities, especially European cities, where it seems they really like to go big. Also, what’s the music? It goes nicely with the photo … it’s actually a little eerie, especially the beginning. The mid-section has some very strong Native American music overtones, except phrased in a hip-hop delivery. Interesting!!!


  6. well Paula = you get a a gold star for starting this post so well – I mean – if that opening line does not draw you in – well…. ha! just awesome – and says so much about your fun personality with the “finally….and the “have some kick-ass” – but it also reminds me to how photographers have their eye out for certain topics – and well, glad you found the graffiti shot – and what a tribute to the two lives lost. Love the art – and the bricks in the bottom of the building. 🙂


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  8. At marvelous graffiti you have captured, Paula! But how tragic about the fire and the recent flooding – there has been quite a bit of news coverage over here about it, and I have been thinking of you and people there. May compassionate assistance be freely available to all in need.

    And on a lighter note, here’s my submission for your Thursday’s Special Challenge – it was a bit of a fun mystery.

    Quirky Artist Stories Nbr 1 – Nancy Drew and the Case of the Purloined Heron


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    • Me too… these graffiti had drawn more attention to the building, and a few days later some airplane agency started advertising on it. I think it will be torn down soon.


  10. I love the graffitti and the music, but it is sad about the homeless people, and I hope the ones flooded out have homes soon.


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