Thursday’s Special: Mini World

Wouldn’t you like to have Paris in the palm of your hand?

I made this fake miniature Paris in post-processing using this photo.


miniaturni pariz


If you want to join my themeless non-challenge Thursday’s Special (click the highlighted words for more details), leave a link to this post in your TS post. Happy Thursday!




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56 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Mini World

  1. Good morning to you Paula and what a great surprise to wake up to a fake miniature Paris! The photo you based it on is very nice, but I must admit that I prefer this one. I think that you master this technique perfectly and the result really makes it look like it’s a miniature version of this large city.


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    • Unbelievable… I was just googling Niedzica as it will be an hour drive from where I booked summer holiday and I completely forgot you were there just weeks ago 😀 and there you are coming bringing Niedzica to me 😀 🙂 I am happy Jo. xx


    • Dear Jo, I was amazed with my newly discovered talent too ;). Seriously, not often do I do something that I am satisfied with, and here I felt pretty cool about myself. I found a tutorial online how to use gradual blurring to create this fake model effect. It is a whole new world out there and I am about to discover it 🙂 Your entry is such a wonderful surprise – still reading about haunted castle 😀


  4. Hi Paula, very well executed and like Sreejith said, love that you put the focus on the houses in front and not the Eiffel tower!
    Have a great day, greetings, Ron.


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    • Thank you kindly Deb. I can’t agree more- those huge cruise ships should be banned from highly touristic places. Venice is sinking as it is. They don’t need these monsters around.


  6. Paula this is definitely a different Paris than in the original… I like the original but do like that you tried something new… without such trials we would never learn… I love it..


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