First Impressions of London

On my first day in London the city did not show itself in the best light. Making my way through the crowds of tourists and locals rushing in all directions on wet streets here is what I captured.


This Monday Jo is taking us to Sheepwash and the Moors. Though I haven’t seen any sheep being washed, the walk is gorgeous and inviting. Why don’t you join her here.

41 thoughts on “First Impressions of London

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  2. Paula… for a bush boy like me your captures of a wet London are brilliant… I love what i see… and taking you to sheepwash doesn’t sound like taking you to “wash the sheep” so I think you will enjoy whatever it is and not work hard… look forward to your post on Sheepwash and the Moors…


  3. Thank you so much for sharing your first impressions with me. I have stood on those very spots that you took the shots from. 🙂 My favourites are from the Eye. I loved being up there in the clouds. Monday hugs, Paula! Have a good week.


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  5. I’ve lived in Canada my whole life but I was born in a town near to London. I’ve never been back since my family crossed the Atlantic when I was nearly 3-years old. I’ve always had some curiosity about the place.

    I really need to find some time to get away.


  6. I just returned from Ireland and England. Rained most of the time there. Love you shots. Mine photos are posted on pamsnaps,com.


  7. Wow Paula! Absolutely stunning captures hon and you made me feel as if I was right there with you. Thank you for taking me on this exciting and beautiful walk. 🙂


  8. So a normal day in London then? Personally I think those heavy grey clouds with layers of light make for a wonderful backdrop while highlighting the rich tones of stone in the buildings, and that’s before we get to the gilding! All great shots Paula!


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