Thursday’s Special: Horizon

Another special sunset from Corsica taken at l’Ile Rousse


L'ile rousse coucher_neuf

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61 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Horizon

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  2. Whenever I see beutiful sunsets or anything beautiful I think about people who have lost their sight or were never able to see. These consideration always make me not take my sight and other senses for granted. Life is so uncertain. I could lose it all at any time.


  3. Paula,, I love sunsets and probably sit waiting to see what they are going to be like every where I go… this is a very special one though …love it…


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    • Hello Sylvia 🙂 I don’t understand all of it (it is sung in Corsican) about sea of a rebel country that made promise to freedom.. something like that. I have no resources to learn it unfortunately, but I can get some parts for similarity with Italian and French. I am happy you stopped by to listen to it. I felt that it is appropriate to post a Corsican song with Corsican landscape 🙂 THANK YOU xx


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    • Sometimes, it does happen that I hear the music and then take a pic to transmit what I felt listening, and sometimes when I take a pic I have a music in my hand and then search for hours to find something that would match what I have “heard”. Alex, I am very happy to hear that you listen to the attacked tracks. Hope your weekend is quite enjoyable. 🙂


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  11. it has beautiful contrasts: looking up it is like a volcano lake in the sky, and looking across the water it feels infused with evening peace 🙂


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