Extra Dippy


The star of the Natural History Museum of London, Diplodocus skeleton cast affectionately known as Dippy, might lose its central spot in the main hall that is being revamped and renamed “Hintze Hall” in recognition of an unprecedented donation of £5 million …. Read more here and here




This is my response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra




58 thoughts on “Extra Dippy

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  2. It will be the end of an era, if they move Dippy from pride of place. I hope they don’t, but I fear they will. I’m a great believer in that old saying ” If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Dippy is my favourite exhibit of all time.


    • I expected you to say that, and regardless of how generous and welcome this contribution is I would like so much for the museum to find some other way to honour the benefactors. Thank you dear Sylvia for your visit and kind comment.


  3. What a wonderful perspective, Paula…the architecture of the building and Dippy fits together perfectly!
    And I really hope Dippy won’t end up getting closer and closer to the door…


    • I really can’t understand why they need to refurbish and revamp this perfectly harmonious space, but money talks!! Pleasure to have you here dear Ese 🙂


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