Thursday’s Special: Petalled Heart


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55 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Petalled Heart

  1. Paula, I’m not really a fan of flower shots, macro or otherwise. But I do like the music you chose! OK, I did like the image too. But only because it has purple in it- my late mother-in-law’s favorite color! 🙂


  2. I thought to myself ‘it’s Thursday- must be a Paula day’, and here you are! The beauty of that reflected image and the oh so delicate music has soothed my soul, Paula. This is some of your best work ever. I LOVE it! 🙂


    • You are right – it is some of my best yet 😀 and this is my flower sign too 😉 Thank you kindly Jo. I am happy to bring you some joy that early in the morning. Back to work – ttfn


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      • Haha, don´t flatter me too much, i might get lazy in improving and learning, Paula 😉
        Everything great here, also making small phototrip next week, so planning ahead!
        Everything ok in Zagreb?


        • 😀 Where is the trip to? I hope you will take as many stunning pics as you have planned and I look forward to seeing them. I am slaving, and will be slaving some more before my trip to Slovakia on the 20th July – that will be a well earned break 😀


          • Ah, slaving sucks, what is your line of job, if i may ask?
            Going for 2 days to an old tin mining area and old city in middle of Malaysia, great limestone cliffs and jungle there too 😉
            Well, almost weekend and 20th is getting closer too 🙂


            • Translator for a big, national company that is about to sack the rest of staff and sell everything ( I am helping in sale by translating all contracts and legal documents – which is making me sick of course). The schedule has been 10 or more hours a day weekends included for the past few weeks and will go on till holidays….


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    • Thank you so much Madhu for these little angels, though I am sure they are more ruscals than angels – a little Hanuman is so endearing. I am happy you liked my orchid macro :). I love macro photography and will try to dedicate more time to it.


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