Black & White Sunday: The Look

This Sunday I decided to go with a bit of sepia for a change. If you think you’ve seen this stunning mug before, you are right 😀 Here is the first photo of Hugo that I posted some months ago.


You can grab my Black & White Sunday widget and join me. Show me your B&W photos regardless of the theme.


33 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: The Look

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    • Aww. you remembered him 🙂 Some days I like him better in sepia, and today I like him better in colour, maybe it is the song that is playing on the other post …


    • Hello Jo. Thank you so much for the visit. I will be a bit late. I am having some really nasty pains and burning, and still have to work. Need to see my gyn. Wednesday. I am affraid it might ruin the holidays for me and not just the holidays. I am still scared cause of a surgery I had 4 years ago – can’t think straight today – sorry


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