Thursday’s Special: Blooms with Fire



The inspiration for this post came from the beautiful tune I have attached here which is the score from the film Frida – Frida Kahlo was a brilliant Mexican artist, better known as the wife of Diego Rivera, famous muralist. Rivera is one of the reasons I have been wishing to visit Mexico for a long time, but this will have to wait for some other life time. Please, enjoy the song and try not to burn down your house in the process πŸ˜‰

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71 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Blooms with Fire

  1. Wonderful photo of the flame! The spiral of the yellow around to the left is fantastic! Freida was also a photographer, as was her father. I got to see an exhibit of her photos at a museum in Reno recently.


      • I don’t think I wrote much about that visit to see her work. We weren’t allowed to take photos, which I so badly wanted to do. I’ll have to work on a post about that. Also, things have been quite hectic around here lately, and I don’t get around to people’s blogs as much as I used to….but when I can I will visit.


    • Thank you so very much Allan πŸ™‚ I lit it with a candle lighter.. It took some time to coordinate myself :D. I had so much fun, and will do it again πŸ˜€


  2. I’m running out of superlatives for your photos. This one turns the ordinary into so etching extraordinary, and captures fugitive flame with finesse. It demands to be looked at symbolically – a blaze of glory, and then the blackness.


    • πŸ™‚ I was hoping to provoke reviews like this one πŸ˜€ Meg seriously, thank you so very much for looking at the photo and admiring it. I do have a special rapport with fire, and I was hoping the capture would show that :). THANK YOU.


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    • Thank you Madhu. There are no candles here, it is just a single match. I believe you miss it, I miss it too πŸ™‚ I am sure I will put it back after a while :D. Thank you so much for your feedback πŸ™‚


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  5. Fabulous shot, Paula. I enjoyed the song. Whilst I was listening, I looked at Frida’s self portraits on Google images. Such amazing talent. She must have the been the inventor of ‘selfies’. They are awesome.


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  7. What was I saying about extraordinary photographs? You rarely disappoint. I am a water person rather than fire but I can imagine you playing with fire. I had intended to join you on here today but Christine drove it out of my head. It would have been a watery post so not suitable at all πŸ™‚
    The Gravatar is a pale imitation of you. I almost didn’t recognise you.


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  9. Hi Paula, it’s amazing how there can be such beauty in something that we take for granted such as the act of creating fire. This is a beautiful shot and I to love fire, I’m mesmerized by it. Btw, I think the new gravatar looks pretty cool, change is good.


    • That’s something we have in common (being mesmerized by fire). I will post many pics of matches and candles till I find some bonfire somewhere. Thank you for your words Mark. I’m glad you like the gravatar too. Wish you a good, less hectic week πŸ™‚


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