Thursday’s Special: Blooms with Fire



The inspiration for this post came from the beautiful tune I have attached here which is the score from the film Frida – Frida Kahlo was a brilliant Mexican artist, better known as the wife of Diego Rivera, famous muralist. Rivera is one of the reasons I have been wishing to visit Mexico for a long time, but this will have to wait for some other life time. Please, enjoy the song and try not to burn down your house in the process😉

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71 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Blooms with Fire

  1. “Nero and the burning of Rome” I know that there were no matches in that time but it was the first thing that passed through my head😄

  2. Quelle flamme! Jolie chanson aussi! You have to schedule Mexico in this lifetime!:)

    • Grand merci. Tu as peut etre raison.. je devrais y aller. On est pas sure s’il y aura des autres vies…..

  3. Wonderful photo of the flame! The spiral of the yellow around to the left is fantastic! Freida was also a photographer, as was her father. I got to see an exhibit of her photos at a museum in Reno recently.

    • I did not know that Angeline. And you got to see her photos! Excellent. I would like to see a post about her:)

      • I don’t think I wrote much about that visit to see her work. We weren’t allowed to take photos, which I so badly wanted to do. I’ll have to work on a post about that. Also, things have been quite hectic around here lately, and I don’t get around to people’s blogs as much as I used to….but when I can I will visit.

    • Thank you so very much Allan:) I lit it with a candle lighter.. It took some time to coordinate myself😀. I had so much fun, and will do it again😀

  4. I’m running out of superlatives for your photos. This one turns the ordinary into so etching extraordinary, and captures fugitive flame with finesse. It demands to be looked at symbolically – a blaze of glory, and then the blackness.

    • :) I was hoping to provoke reviews like this one😀 Meg seriously, thank you so very much for looking at the photo and admiring it. I do have a special rapport with fire, and I was hoping the capture would show that:). THANK YOU.

    • hehehe you are right Rob – it wasn’t easy, but it was worth a try😀 Thank you so much for your visit and kind comment.:)

    • Hello Draco:) I took about 7 continuous shots:). Thank you, and for liking my gravatar, I think I prefer the old one, but I like changes and I wanted to see if I can do it in PS😀

  5. Surreal and stunning Paula!! So is the candle part of the shot or is it just the flame? I kind of miss your old Gravatar:-)

    • Thank you Madhu. There are no candles here, it is just a single match. I believe you miss it, I miss it too:) I am sure I will put it back after a while😀. Thank you so much for your feedback:)

  6. Dancing flame….what a beauty!
    And i would say blue and yellow (matching so perfectly in the photo) are Frida’s colours…:)

  7. Fabulous shot, Paula. I enjoyed the song. Whilst I was listening, I looked at Frida’s self portraits on Google images. Such amazing talent. She must have the been the inventor of ‘selfies’. They are awesome.

  8. What was I saying about extraordinary photographs? You rarely disappoint. I am a water person rather than fire but I can imagine you playing with fire. I had intended to join you on here today but Christine drove it out of my head. It would have been a watery post so not suitable at all :)
    The Gravatar is a pale imitation of you. I almost didn’t recognise you.

  9. Hi Paula, it’s amazing how there can be such beauty in something that we take for granted such as the act of creating fire. This is a beautiful shot and I to love fire, I’m mesmerized by it. Btw, I think the new gravatar looks pretty cool, change is good.

    • That’s something we have in common (being mesmerized by fire). I will post many pics of matches and candles till I find some bonfire somewhere. Thank you for your words Mark. I’m glad you like the gravatar too. Wish you a good, less hectic week:)

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