Thursday’s Special: Curiosity

….didn’t kill the squirrel




If you would like to participate in Thursday’s Special themeless (non)challenge, feel free to grab my Jupiter widget bellow and provide a link to this post in your post especially designed for this occasion. More details here


Will you have a look at the terrific entries for this week, please:

49 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Curiosity

    • I never thought your heart was made of stone mon Drake😉. Takk for en dejlig kompliment:) I hope this is correct.

  1. Is he putting headphones on to listen to the music? :)
    I might just have one for you, Paula.
    Counting down to the Dolomites :)

    • :) I think they are always adorable, but I only saw three in my life:) How are you Margaret Rose? I appreciate your lovely visit and comment:)

      • I was old and cold today; but now I’m in my nightie and dressing-gown so I don’t care ! [grin]

  2. A lovely squirrel. For me they are still exotic and a sighting is exciting. I’ve only just seen my first summer one. It sounds as if they can be as pesky as the cute possum is in Australia!

  3. Like the challenge… The real challenge is finding a picture or words to describe it… I’ll see what I can come up with…

    • I remember your squirrels and they brought me joy. Thank you for this important post and information. Love, P.

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